22 | Denmark | she/her 

My name is Vanessa.  


I come from Denmark &

Vietnam but I grew up in 


South Korea. Currently,


I am residing in Paris


to pursue my dreams


of working in the luxury


fashion industry.


I have been on gSm since


2010 on the American /


Cosmo server.


I love to travel and attend


concerts. My favourite


moment in life would have


to be when I met Selena 


Gomez or Ariana Grande.


In my spare time, I like to 


read, write, paint, 


watch horror movies


and listen to music


(mainly Lana Del Rey). 



Can I buy *insert


rare item here  such as


THE hair /birkin bag


summer swirl dress*?



- I have already sold the


colours that I don't really


wear or need. The ones I 


have left are the ones I


love so unless you can


make an offer that I just


cannot refuse...



- Chizumi