I'm KillerWhale, an old fart (24 to be precise) who heard that Gosupermodel is running again and came back, because why not 


As for something about me? I'm attracted to knowledge, especially if it's about mythology and history. I'm drawn to media filled with references to them, because it's always nice to see how it handles said references (usually poorly, but it's still interesting). Would explain my love for Kid Icarus if nothing else... Besides it, I'm also really into Pokemon! Well, mostly to the lore. I love lore.


I also know a lot of weird random things about both. No, I won't be shutting up about the fact that Aphrodite is the ancestor of the first kings of Britain according to Historia Regum Britannie. The world is small! Though it does make good material when crafting Fire Emblem HCs... 


No I didn't come up with an HC about a guy killing his dragon mum and making a lance out of her bones, what are you looking at

I'm a weird person when it comes to reading. I haven't read any actual books in last six years, since I got out of upper secondary school? Yet I enjoy reading facts, fanfiction and all that jazz. Mythology nerd in me also enjoys reading old stuff, be it myths or pseudohistory. I guess I just don't like fiction that was written after 1200s? At least that I haven't already read when I was younger, that is. All I want now is facts and analysis. And fanfics. And comics. I guess I could say that I don't really care for books, but then again I'm not really into movies or TV series either.


Since I'm Finnish, so naturally couple of Finnish sterotypes apply to me. First one naturally is that I'm a big fan of Disney Ducks (comics especially) and that I adore winter sports, synchronized skating is the dearest one to my heart. I used to skate once upon time, though I quit because of the pandemic. Skating is so expensive ;_;


I enjoy both writing and drawing, though that latter is traditionally only. Sketzmo is slowly becoming my personal arch nemesis...


I've currently made two gotests, links to them are in here and here.