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I will make a proper profile eventually. For now, hi - I'm Sofia. I had an account on the Swedish server before gSm went down, iirc it was called FreakyFantasy (Why, I don't know. There was nothing "freaky" about me). :') I was a Social Media Ambassador for a while. I've also had an account on the Swedish version of Momio, where I was a moderator (Jack's Helper) and a Social Media Ambassador for a few years. Went by the name Indicate, but quit recently because life has gotten quite busy. If I haven't met you before, it's nice to meet you! Feel free to message me or send a friend request. 


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The rules can be deemed as quite strict here on gSm, because the site was originally made for younger girls. Make sure you've read through them all to avoid warnings/time-outs: 


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