NAME: Tara

PRONOUNS: she/her

AGE: 23 years

COUNTRY: Netherlands


STATUS: Engaged 

OCCUPATION: Fulltime Lawyer

CHILDREN: Proud dogmom ♡



Reading Gardening (my own food) ║ Hiking in the nature, swimming lanes and fitness ║ Gaming (PC) ║ Shows/movies     ║ Boardgames ║ Currently learning Latin



I'm always open for a chat and build a possible friendship;

I'm autistic and I've acquired brain injury;

 I'm not very active in the weekends; yet I'm available to chat on discord!

 I don't appreciate advertisements in my private messages;

 I don't appreciate begging;

 I don't appreciate empty friends requests; unless we have spoken before!


Special thanks to Mikah for making the sprite.



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Bestie ♡ 


 My baby