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pettyAF wrote:
@CEO wtf are you actually doing you can’t just yolo yourself out if these situations

System wrote:
It can't be that Gosupermodel is coming to an end again... A wrong manager on this site. I should take it over. You pour endless money into this game, just so that it might disappear again in a year... I don't know, a lot of people are leaving the team and the site at the moment...

I wish you all the best…
its really sad i mean the people owning gosupermodel still prob have mad enormous profit off al the campaigns, vip packages etc
But what happened??? Why are you fired??
make me as your new admin im already dress like one so halfway there!
omg nooo
<3 thank you for your service.
-FOXFACE wrote:
you were the last person i'd ever imagine to go. out of all the people quitting, this one legit hits the hardest

thank you for everything you've done for us
she didnt quit
Puputossu wrote:
Did you apply to be admin? hopefully u get the spot :)
No, unfortunately not, I don't know where?
Who the fuck makes these decisions wtffff
damn gSm is wild
GoMila wrote:
this is breaking my heart. i am so sorry you're a victim in all of this, we need you and you deserve this spot more than anyone. i'm sending you all my love.
Thank you so much for all you've done! You will be missed
New good admins mean shit if you don't get the bigger problem.
I love how every staff member subtly shades in a professional manner
I'm sure you'll be glad you're free and you'll end up realizing how much better it is to be a reg member than forced to always act a certain way!!
monologi wrote:
make me as your new admin im already dress like one so halfway there!
there is an appropriate time and place for jokes

this wasn’t
ok literally all critique has been directed at the top
and they go about it by firing u???? =?=?=?=?!