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Regarding the hate messages
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Dear users,

For the past few days there have been a series of alarming messages and forums made, that deeply saddens us. We have deep compassion for the people who are being targeted - no one deserves to be talked about or receive hateful messages about themselves. We also understand that the situation affects the whole community, as the messages are being spread and may hurt people who aren’t targeted due to the disturbing nature of the content being shared. We want to assure you all that we are taking the situation very seriously and that we are actively working to resolve it as fast as possible.

We have seen the suggestions and great ideas you have on how to improve security on goSupermodel, and are currently working on how to improve the situation for everyone harmed by these acts, and how to prevent similar situations from happening again.

We also want to thank everyone who has reported what has happened, who have taken care of and extended their care and support to those harmed, and who continue to try and provide a safe space for everyone on goSupermodel. You are making us proud to be part of this community.

Please use this thread as a place to find someone to lean on, offer support and voice concerns and suggestions.

Best regards,
The goSupermodel team

Additional updates:
We will be filing a police report regarding what has happened the past days on goSupermodel.
We will provide an additional update about how we will implement changes for user security with regards to malicious forum and gomessage-spam.
now im going to read

@thank you so much for trying to help us aeneid

Thank you to staff for the work you do, and for the effort I know you put into making goSupermodel a safe place for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who reports inappropriate, hateful, hurtful, discriminatory and illegal content. You make our job easier, and together we can get rid of unwanted content faster.

If anyone feels unsafe being here, seek help. Whether it's the moderator inbox, support or a good friend. No one deserves to feel fear or insecurity for being here. I know that there are many of us who want to help and support, and do our utmost to ensure that everyone has the best possible time here, but unfortunately that is not always enough. Know that my inbox will always be open should anyone need a supportive shoulder or a place to vent.