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What's your fave Lana lyric?
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Wondering what y'alls fav lana lyrics are<3<3

I have such a hard time deciding but i absolutely love the vibe of Salvatore and Bartender
Cinnamon girl hits the hardest

"Like if you hold me without hurting me
You'll be the first who ever did"
"I was always an unusual girl" cause i feel like it really represents me <3
Omg I found my people my favourite lyrics are "lay me down tonight I'm your favorite girl" and "you taught me that it was okay to be crazy" :D don't ask
Also "she couldn't care less and I never cared more"
"I moved to California but it's just a state of mind // it turns out everywhere you go you take yourself it's not a lie" from *** it I love you <3
sebastianaho wrote:
Also "she couldn't care less and I never cared more"
Yes so relatable
he hit me and it felt like a kiss
”My � tastes like pepsi cola”
EdenDarling wrote:
”My � tastes like pepsi cola”
i was just about to say this too
"All I wanna do is get high by the beach
Get high by the beach, get high"
so i'm not friend with my mother
but i still love my dad
"Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City"
''They judge me like a picture book, by the colors like they forgot to read''

''I was filled with poison but blessed with beauty and rage''
this is the forum I have been looking for!

cinnamon girl has a really special place in my hard so I would have to say "like If you would hold me without hurting, you'll be the first who ever did"

it is really hard to decide though
EdenDarling wrote:
”My � tastes like pepsi cola”
hhahah yes!!
all the ones where she sings abt fckin old men
every single one from hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have !!!!
i love "life is beautiful but you don't have a clue"