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be mean abt ur ex
Kiwis wrote:
Some days are harder than others for sure. I still get flashbacks and big panic attacks sometimes when I'm intimate with my bf, but he's incredibly understanding and loving. I've surrounded myself with good people now, but of course the trauma doesn't just go away
im glad to hear that wishing you well and good health moving on
he cheated on me. I forgave him. he cheated on me. again.
Lijn wrote:
im so so sorry but the fact that you put "from florida" as an argument has me on the floor

honestly those are fucking terrible things i hope you're okay right now!!
Lmao yeah, they can beat me down but they'll never take my humour from me

I'm doing alright in life now
For 5 months out of our 6 month relationship he kept telling me he didn't want to be in a relationship and that he needed to be single to work through his stuff but didn't actually break up with me, instead treated me so badly i wanted to off myself until i got the courage to break up with him, and then went on tinder a few days after the breakup.

Oh and for the whole duration of our relationship he kept telling me about his ex and explained their fun times together and how much he loved her and how she was the love of his life etc etc I can't believe i stayed with him for so long
Kiwis wrote:
Lmao yeah, they can beat me down but they'll never take my humour from me

I'm doing alright in life now
happy for you, you deserve to live your best life
Told me how he needed a break but he loved me sooo much and maybe after some time we could get back together

What he really wanted to do was like break up break up but never said that and even implied that it was just a break so I took SO DAMN long to process it and get over it. Oh, and he was thinking about this for a two whole months before the break up and never said a word

We are in good terms now but NOT FUCKING COOL DUDE.

Never ever trust ''a break''
only wanted to hang out for sex
met him online, long distance relationship as he (38) lives in the USA and i (25) live in Europe. Fell deeply in love with this guy and he acted like he was head over heels too. Life got in the way and we split up after 8 months, right before he was supposed to come see me in person. Completely understood because we both were going through a rough time.

Reconnected 3 months ago, and he has been extremely flirty. Saying how much he regrets what happend, how i am his future wife and all that sht. And then i discovered yesterday he wasn't really that serious about the things he said and he was just "joking". He thought i understood that it was a "joke". To make it even worse; he told me he had never really been deeply in love with me, despite what he claimed back then, because he had never seen me in person.

I'm fcking heartbroken and my blood has been boiling since. I have met many fcked up people in my life, but never have i hated a person this much
Kiwis wrote:
TW: child SA and abuse

- Didn't use soap when showering
- Would dry hümp me every night despite me telling him to stop and it made me incredibly uncomfortable (because of what happened with T and D)
- Was racist, homophobic, and transphobic
- From Florida
- I always gave incredibly thoughtful and often handmade gifts (for birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries), and he'd just give me money :))
- Constantly lied and manipulated me into staying with him

- R-worded me at the age of 14, over and over again. Idk how many times, but it was a lot.
- Physically abused me as well
- Would constantly make fun of me and put me down. Made me incredibly insecure
- Would often say things like "Nobody else will love you like I do" and "I'm the best you're gonna get"
- Would threaten to kill himself if I left him

- Helped me tell my parents about what T ^ did to me (just the R-word thing), and then proceeded to r-word me on my 16th birthday

I have also dated some lovely people who it just didn't work out with for other reasons, but jesus have I had my fair share of horrible people and experiences
omg i'm really sorry

ngl the "from florida" took me out tho
uhm well they did not like pistachio ice cream
I mean a lot of serious stuff but it was pretty funny when he hacked my snap after we broke up and blocked some of my guy friends I was talking to, like I could unblock them so easily so what was the point???
when i was struggling and seeking support from them they would bring up problems they were having, with friends etc, so suddenly i had to be there for them and listen, support and give advice. i had to push my stuff aside when i was the one initially needing some love and support.
Jus de Pomme wrote:
Also he still lived with his parents and didn't want to cook for himself, and every time I tried to steer him in the direction of cooking his own fucking food like the adult he is, his mom said "oh just take it slow!!!!!"

No????? Your almost 28-yr old son does not fucking cook, pay rent or work more than 10 hrs a week because you spoil him and let him do whatever
I will never understand how a grown *** man can’t cook or clean by himself and his mommy be like „Naaah it’s okay boo, you don’t have to clean or cook. I’m gonna do that for you” like whaaaat? Girl I’m so happy you dropped his ***! Boy didn’t want a girlfriend or wife, he needed a second mommy
Made a rude comment about my grandpa, at his funeral
I had to beg for him to brush his teeth

he said it was hot that I developed an eating disorder during our relationship cause it made me "skinny" ...
Opuntia wrote:

he said it was hot that I developed an eating disorder during our relationship cause it made me "skinny" ...
omg no
he could not come to wisit me in the hospital in a tragic accident beacus that day his friend was more importand beacus of a movie they planned to watch
My ex called me a wh*re for wanting to go to the club with my friends. He didn't like the fact that I wasn't a virgin before I met him and agued that I was only seeking attention from others if I wanted to go out and party with my friends...
liljaa wrote:
a guy I was dating used to watch me instead of the tv whenever we watched a tv show or movie, it was creepy asf and it made me feel so uncomfortable
That ehm… was that the only weird thing?
How did it not be boring for him? Also, did u tell him it was uncomfteble? D: