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SMA Celebration – competition!
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Congrats to all SMA:s, you are doing a great job! I want to say a special thanks to Shelly. (@gsm.updates on Instagram) for being the reason I almost haven't missed a single goCode since the relaunch.

I would like to give it to sweet Amanda.

I know it's not a big gift from me but if anyone deserves that outfit, it's her. She is a positive soul and she contributes with the most beautiful outfits here.
She is always so happy and you can't help but smile when you see her in the forums.

they are great because they bring light even in the darkest times & I'd love to see many competitions, them interacting with other models in creative ways and something awesome and new that nobody would have guessed to happen
@Idamarye your gocode pictures have been awesome from the very beginning. u totally deserve your title
They are great ambassadors because they share awesome tips, gocodes, shop updates and more. They are funny with a great twist of humor <3
Linnsikt's comics on her instagram did it for me! I love them since they are too relatable
So much appreciation for your time drawing these cartoons! They are lovely
I think its really cool that we have creators that comes up with new and exciting content for us to enjoy. I am therefore raising a virtual glass to the new SMAs and their awesome achievements. Keep up the great work, guys - can't wait to see what you come up with next!
I love the SMA's for generally spreading good vibes to all of us, and for hosting lots of fun events. They really help create the community here
I would just love for them to continue what they have been doing and creating safe, positive and fun spaces for us to interact
i just love how positive they are, and spread positive vibes about GSM online (which imo is so important especially with all the current negativity out there) Also really like how active of a role they have inside of gsm, and the iconhunts they have created
IdaMarye is the best with keeping up with the gocodes
i would love them to actually post stuff on the gsm tiktok once in a while to make it more diverse and interesting
i love the icon hunts they've been making for us, and the clothes that came in those icon hunts! they all seem very nice too which is something that gsm needs
I like to follow all the news on instagram! I will never miss any gocode or new collection
I like the positive minds they have, and positive vibes they spread, they are amazing people, who def deserve their badges
As representatives of gSm, all selected SMAs do an incredibly wonderful job and enrich gSm with high-quality contributions that inspire.
Thank you for bringing the spirit of gSm out into the world and letting everyone share in the wonderful things.
You have more than earned your status and are rightly part of the team. Now also with your badge. Congratulations and enjoy.
Maybe you can give some insights from the work in the background (gSm staff and team / desks, office, favourite stuff at your desk...) and share it with us on your channels.
Im so happy for the SMAs and it will be so fun to see them represent the badge, they heart suits them

I love the every time I open instagram I see a goCode I would have missed, some inspiration for outfit/hair or just a reminder that it is the last chance to get the collection. They have saved me so many times and they spreed a lot of positivity both on and off GSM