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New collection is
it's amazing!!!
It is really pretty
i literally screeched when i saw it
not me getting a flying piggy one moment after opening this thread
Loove it!!
so many pretty items!!!!
i love it but i need way too much money and i only have 500
Archangela wrote:
How long will it be in shop? I don’t want to be gosuperbroke until I’ve seen all the drops haha
2 weeks! x
Supermodel755 wrote:
STUNNNNNING im obssesed
It is!
I'm too broke for all this good stuff coming these days
I love it so much
victoria. wrote:
2 weeks! x
victoria. wrote:
2 weeks! x
Thank you!! The collection is AMAZING
ahhh lemme look
Archangela wrote:
Thank you!! The collection is AMAZING
iiihhh! im so glad u think so we are so excited for this !!
woooow!! JDs you did amazing, i need to grind money as soon as im done with my exam
it's gorgeous!!
I love it
Legendary wrote:
how long will it stay?
2 weeks :)