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This ain’t working
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Aeneid wrote:
I have no intention of silencing any of you, I wish to bring your concerns to staff, but I can't go into detail about other peoples cases, those arent my right to speak on.

I will definitely bring your feedback to staff, though.
I really appreciate you doing that! makes me feel hopeful about this situation
Thank you, Aeneid!
Agree. This is very well written.
Well said!

theyre currently just losing the userbase and their trust by censoring opinions and criticism
Aeneid wrote:
I know the public statement fell flat for a lot of you, but what was written there about this being handled back then is true.

It is of course up to you wether or not that is sufficient for you to feel safe and trusting of the moderators and staff again, but at this point I'm not going to be able to provide more information than that. I do however understand your concerns.
Doing bad and bad behavior againt others has consequences as stated in the gosupermodel rules. The consequences is not just for the normal models on this site but also should be expected of the moderator team as well. The wrongdoings that have happened in the past, but now have reached the surface, should not be taken lightly. I think most of the users are now feeling the moderator team have disrespected us, silence us and broken our trust. We of the people are the foundating pillars of this site, we deserve respect. From what I have seen most people agree that as a consequences of bad and disrespectful behavior for specific moderators they should not be allowed to wear the moderator bage anymore.

Only then can the peace and trust be recovered. Actions speaks louder than words

Glitter Krystall