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This is a thread where you can promote your magazines that are not made for the purpose of trading. Let's see your hard work! :) If you want, tell us about why you made the magazine and what it's about.

*Note that this is not a magazine trading forum. We expect you to promote genuine magazines here. We will delete posts promoting trade-magazines (they're against the rules).

This mag is only 30gm and a throwback lookbook containing over 40 looks my bestie and I wore on the old German gSm!

We both randomly found folders with these old looks and decided to share them with you <3 We would really appreciate your support!
Out little storybook! It tells about this cute little ghost and how they are making new friends. So if you want to read something fun take a look!

part 1:
part 2:

!! even tho we say we use it for trading we don't do it anymore!!

Next part of our story is going to be cheaper and not for trading purposes in any way

(u guys need to tell him to start making the next part with me or I'm going to look for a new editor to do it with me)

Magazine with my photos


We made a cartoon series about modeling and New York! Number 3 is coming soon.
oldie but goldie looks from gsm 1.0 a collection of my own, personal looks before gsm shut down
this is not a normal lookbook, but an anti lookbook with ugly and funny outfits
here's a little art zine with ascii art and works of yoshitomo nara!

there's a pleasant easter egg in the end

My bestie & I did this throwback lookbook full of nostalgic looks from the old gSm out of all the screenshots that we found from our childhood!
For just 30gM you get over 40 looks
monthly mode | march issue | february fashion
A collectors magazine, where we in each issue take a look back at the month and the fashion that came with it.

Have you ever seen something in the auctions or on a model and thought "hm, I wonder where that is from?"

In this magazine, each month gets a dedicated issue to take a look back at the fashion items that was introduced. From icon hunts to VIP items, this magazine got it covered!

It was made to compliment my "goCode overview" magazine, which you can find here:

Monthly mode cost 30gM and have 15 pages


tysm <33

Dresses I need in my GSM wardrobe now, only 30GM <3
Please check out my new issue, it includes 52 mindfulness prompts for self care

This mag is only 50 gM (you can win 1000 gM buy buying and reviewing it until monday evening)

It's about fashion on gSm and inspiration for looks!
hi everyone! i just published my first lookbook magazine, feel free to take a look if you're interested!!
I made a magazine about red carpet and vanity fair party looks :) It's only 3 gm

Drawing magazine
my first magazine!

LOOKBOOK Are You Spotted with 70+ models in 20 fashion categories
Can anyone tell me in which size I have to upload a picture so it matches the size of a magazin page?
Hey you! NATH. & I just published the first edition of our LOOKBOOK! Did we spot you?

By buying the magazine you also have a chance to win 1000 gm! All you have to do is read the instruction on the last page

My look books<3