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Rori's corner

Hello my lovelies,


Have you read the latest Rori's corner post? I shared some challenges I faced last week and what I ended up doing to cheer myself up.  What do you do when you have one of those frustrating days or weeks when nothing seems to help? Please share your coping mechanisms with me here in the forum. I would like to hear from you. 





whenever i have a bad day i have an outlet in doing sports, when im angry and frustrated i just run faster than i usually do while listening to music afterwards i order in some comfort food
also watching sims videos when i am feeling down makes me feel better
I just drown myself in music basically or play games what cheer me up
Hi Rori!

I'll just lock myself in the house, eat pizza and watch disney movies
Hiii Rori I take days off and treat myself if my body is needing so when my head just is foggy or is not cooperating with me
i take a bubble bath<3
watch a movie
I just sleep
Have a spa day
i cuddle my guinea pigs
I go for a run and afterwards get some comfort food
Baking something delicious and reading a good book
I go walk to nature
I usually go and snuggle with my cat and play some video games OR I take a nice warm shower and do something nice for myself, like a hair mask.
go to the gym