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Your IRL look
The winners are:
Ella, Stinse97, Raguel, Calypso, haavsalt, otacon, Florentina Amelia, paula_2012, Scorpion, Withalotoflove, Nightwish, rosberi02, Ford Prefect, ElsaD & gothicbat



I would love to see how you'd dress IRL using your goSupermodel clothes.

How to participate:
- Create your IRL look and share it in a comment.
- 15 winners will win these items ->
- You have until 20.02.23 CET to participate.
- 15 winners will be announced 20.02.23

No spamming please.

Prizes in competitions are NOT locked, they might come to the shop, or they might be used in VIP/promo or in a goCode. Please understand that they are not locked in any way unless otherwise is stated.
I love baggy clothes that are a lil too big for me.
I also adore skater style so thats how I try to style myself usually
Then ofc always have to carry my purse where I keep my cards and stuff
Honestly the look might seem simple and basic, but I really made it look like me haha. I love washed out high mom jeans with a small tank top! It's so basic but soo pretty! and then i always go more for the jewelry and mix and match it all up with some pretty accessories

I love that I even found my hair on gsm haha!

OOh and the dog is important. I'm a mom to a rottweiler and he follows me everywhere. Now GSM don't have a rottweiler (yet) but I came as close as I could with this blue eyed baby dog
its's VERY different from what i wear on gsm.. since im a law student i have to wear business casual clothes like a blazer, and i usually wear a lot of black
sorry im way more boring irl i could look more bad4ss but unfortunately gsm doesnt have any nice leg tattoos yet

my hair is darker tho but i realised i dont have any hairs in my own colour oop
On a daily basis I dress like this - and this is the closest haircolor I can get to my irl hair
pretty much like this
I ALWAYS wear baggy jeans and sneakers the same color as my top. I actually have a jacket similar to this one which i use every day I use mascara every day and have this haircut
And ofc my coffee!
I L O V E the alternative style, and i try my best to dress that way irl (even tho im too lazy for it most days), this is the closest i can come to what i would wear irl!

After years of being insecure of my body and hiding myself, I finally started to wear dresses and skirts again. I even wear them more often now than jeans.

I have 1 skirt like this and I love to combine it with cute sweaters and tights. It literally is my staple piece and it looks good with anything! I also like jewelry a lot. I like both silver and gold depending depending om my mood haha. For shoes I usually grab a pair of matching sneakers, maybe even with cute socks! For make up.. I am a HUGE make up lover, the bolder the better. I love my black lipstick from Fenty for example or my glitter multichrome eyeshadows from Clionadh Cosmetics ♥
im BORING haha, help i need to get out of my comfort zone
no but fr id wear everything in my gsm wardrobe, but this is the most realistic

This would be my outfit on a daily basis! I like to wear natural colors as well as decent yet comfortable clothes. In addition, I need a handbag that is too big for all the unnecessary things that I take with me everywhere.
wearing a white tank top<3
If i had some leather looking black heel boots to put with this,
then this truly is how I like to dress irl