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I would like to be a member!
I am a person with a positive mindset, who would love if GSM was here to stay forever.
I am described IRL as an idea machine, but I also love having feedback on them, as all of them can't be equally good. I try to make everyone welcome on the site and this will also apply to this group.
I am very active. GSM is my other home <3
Hello, I'm Air!
I would really love to contribute in a positive way on gSm, and I feel like I have accomplished that too. I would describe myself as very open minded, and I love having (civil/constructive) discussions. I feel like I have a lot of ideas, and would love to have a community to discuss with!
As an avid reader of the 'Your idea' forum section, I am excited to submit my application for membership in this club. Being able to discuss ideas and improvements for the site with like-minded people is something I would absolutely love. gSm has always been my favorite online community, and it is therefore important for me to contribute and help it grow.

I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree. My experience in statistics and programming, coupled with my passion for brainstorming and problem-solving will hopefully make a positive contribution to this club.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you all and learning from your perspectives!

i'd love to be a member! my name is laura, i'm 23 years old and i would describe myself as a very creative, kind and determined person. if i'm not on gsm (or working), i'm most likely drawing either by hand on paper, or digitally on my ipad. last year i graduated as a multimedia designer, so i have a special passion for anything related to content creation, user experience/testing/interface, prototyping, design principles and general aesthetics. i'd like to become a part of the club in order to maybe utilise those skillsets a bit more, i'm very curious to see what that would be like - it'd be fun to combine my love for design and gosupermodel

if you need any more info from me, feel free to shoot me a message. other than that i look forward to possibly hearing from you!!!
UnFocus Group - Application

Hello! I am Legacy from Norway. I was an active member of the gosupermodel community back in the days and spent most of my childhood there.

To tell something about me, I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from 2019-2022. I’m eager to stand up for people and be the voice of the ones who needs it, that’s what made me become a journalist in the first place.I’m creative but maybe not creative like others. I’m not great at designing, but I can take great photos and I’m a creative writer. I always enjoy coming up with new ideas at home, redecorating my rooms etc. I like having to work forward to reach a goal.
I’m self-driven and always do my tasks fully done. I know Norwegian and English fluent. I want to join the UnFocus Group because i would participate in ideas, have a creative community, and being a part of something that probably would develop my creative writing skills even more. (must say, I have written most creative texts on Norwegian, my native language).

Best regards, Legacy

My name is Frederikke and im 24 years old. My passion has since the OG goSupermodel been to come up with ideas for features and content creation - and to improve communication! I have been so passionate about this, that i am actually studying marketing and communication now. I am a content creation manager in a large Twitch and Discord community with more than 450.000 members, where i am in charge of content and idea generation for the community. I have been doin this for the past 3+ years. So my passion is to expand and improve larger communities. Besides that i have a lot of ideas for diverse content creation and it's something i really enjoy doing. I would LOVE to use my passions and experience on goSupermodel.


I'm Ayliva and I would consider myself to be relatively creative and artistic. I've already brought some concepts to reality and posted them on my goBlog. I'm quite a perfectionist, so I'd like to get opinions from different people to make the result perfect.

I'm active on gSm and browse through the ideas section every day. I also see myself as someone who prefers to focus on larger projects rather smaller quality of life changes. I need the challenge, and I choose it every time!
I've been wanting to apply for a long time now, but I've not felt that I've been active enough until now. So here comes my application.

I'm Maren, a 29 year old girl/woman who's been on gSm since 2007. During my years on this website, I've experienced and grown a lot. My experiences is both negative, but, oh, do I have so many positive experiences as well! I've seen the early stages of this website, and how it can be even better. With my knowledge within business, IT, design and journalism I feel I might be able to contribute. I also like to have constructive conversations with people, and I'm curious about most things.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about me as a person, my skillset or general life on gSm (past or present).
Hello, I'm Anarki and I've been active on both gSm 1.0 (since early years) and gSm 2.0 since January this year. I usually do log on daily and my activity tends to vary but I'm always lurking in the creative, ideas and everything else sections! I've had tons of ideas for this website and how to improve it in the past, and I enjoy all projects big and small. I'm a great team worker but can also work on my own initiative. I'm also fluent in both English and Norwegian.

If you have any other questions feel free to dm me, my dms are always open!
I personally really like this idea. As someone involved with startups I have constantly seen business grow and also fail. Because of this I have come to realise where startups make mistakes and know where things can go wrong. I'd like to utilise this knowledge to make GSM a better space

I would love to become a part of this group so that I can share my many ideas and help improve this lovely online community that we’re all a part of I used to be a FG member on gsm 1.0, so I have some experience in this area!

In real life I study risk governance and societal security, so I’ve basically devoted my life to helping the society, analyze situations and come up with solutions. I’ve also always been a person that speaks her mind and are not afraid to share my opinions - even if others doesn’t necessairly agree, which I think can open up for great discussions!
Hi Im Ynxt
I would love to be a part of this group!

I was an active user of gsm 1.0 and have been part of gsm 2.0 since the start.

a little about me, I have a bachelor's degree and a vocational certificate. love to be creative, but preferably in the form of creative thinking. I am not good at drawing or graphic design, but in return I have many creative ideas. I want to become a part of this group so I can get my creative thoughts out. I want to share them with "like-minded people" who develop ideas with me.
Imma just bump This club is so great
I love that you doing this, I do have a lot of ideas and I am very active, but won't apply as I am still deeply depressed after being rejected as mod and fg, and 2 rejections in a short time really did something to me, so I don't really want any 3rd rejection

But keep up the good work
I'd love to be a part of the club to be able to forward your input!