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how do you
do things with long nails? my friend did me some nails and in example idk how to open cans. i learned to type on keyboard
knuckles. toes. elbows
i don't understaind it either
i use long nail to tippy type
It’s super easy
I use the nail, to get the tip of my finger under the can thing
Toriel wrote:
i use long nail to tippy type
i use my nails to type on keyboard but can opening is just impossible without using some tool
I guess you adapt to your long nails and learn how to use them. I have only had long nails twice, but you have to open cans with like the side of your finger instead
i cant stand long nails they drive me insane
you get used to it

i cant write with short nails anymore

open cans with ur finger sideways or if youre weak and give up use a spoon
Use your toes
i tried rn but just cant get it under the can lid clip

forevr tools for me