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what does ur model smell like?
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post below and ill tell you what i think your model smells like

disease- sewers, swamp and cat pss
gizz- cinnamon and burning wood
pokkuma- cigarettes and victoria secret perfume
heartbleed- bubblegum and little dog fur
by- grape vape juice
mars!- lady gagas blood perfume
soffa- cigars and spices
henri- weed
hairy pooter- butter beer and hagrids bo
norawr- rabbit droppings and weed
luckyarjan- bath and body works
annee- hollister
jasm- like a new car
dna- the floor of a nightclubs bathroom but in a slay way
coup- tequila
aprexun- the worlds best smelling shampoo omg
hellcat- wet cat
anyone- your moms makeup bag
jonxku- a beankini coffee shop
Ibiza- cigarettes and tequila
crew- YSL perfume
power- me after i went to my first rave, a little sweaty and covered in victorias secret body lotion
saraamaria- a school cafeteria
babewithnobrain- a disco ball and the broken dreams of a gogo dancer
jesslyn- a potion shop
ayrena- dried up watermelon slime
christine98- expired halloween candy
alli lahna- a trap house
knickknack- a fish market with a hint of vanilla body lotion
patogeeni- the outdoors, like in the woods with an essence of mushrooms
awe- robo-ussy
maissiturkki- one of adam lamberts background dancers
brenda- a failed brewed potions, warts and toads
hotmail- one of the girls from euphoria high
tigerqueen- tiger pss
sylphrena- a hard rock hotel and casino
lisakleppe- the tears of an abused circus elephant
one direction 15- a sad mime who smokes a pack fo cigarettes a day ):
lunaz- fish n chips
mysan- bath and body work sweet pea lotion
lightroom- ketchup and gum
cheeks- cotton candy and pickle juice
athaenia- that smell when you open a new pack of tennis balls
norppu-strawberry ice cream
ihkud- small terrified child with dark chocolate on their breath
guilttripping- the floor after a rave
ellura- clean and fresh out the shower
Alinka-a fresh oui oui baguette
malefika- like a valentino model after she taks her shoes off on the runway
ella39- a mermaid washed up on shore
opuntia- a very expensive cheeseburger with extra ketchup
grimace- that smell when you leave ice tea in your room for too long
mao- a Pomerania chewing bubble gum
roshni- coffee and determination
erykah- a nerds rope dipped it citric acid
rosada- the smell when you open up a vitamin cabinet
hogwards- a rainbow cupcake with sprinkles, after its been thrown up by a gorgeous gorgeous gorl
yoshida- dry shampoo and a dream
taoga- the blood of your enenmies
thirteen- a vampire lair with a hint of candy
wtfisupkyle- the meat/deli department of a grocery store
emmaemma11- a child after being dragged through a casino
mallio- beer an booze
nemain- when you walk into an expensive bakery for the first time, that smell
skylarsunset- a club bathroom
sara10- definitely like someones dad, but also with a hint of horse
tangled- sour grapes and poison
harry herman- a lush bath bomb
hoodbay- the room in willy wonka's factory where they had to keep violets body
pochita- salt n vingar chips
annikka- a wet rabbit
brita- a wet cigarette stuffed inside a piece of cotton candy
shoutenshi- a hot topic after someone spills a slushy on the floor from the food court
m3rc3d3s- like a car rental shop thats just been cleaned
pretencostia- like a peppermint gumdrop and nice shampoo
soffeloffn- like a tatoo parlor, but an upscale one
abderittisk- pompompurin
noorahih- a jellyfish after it electrocuted a fish at the bottom of the ocean
tornerosa- someone who just found out after dry shampoo
sofracha- a gucci store
mrdog- sour candy with a splash of weed
karima- kim kardahians 12th bathroom
lix- every strawberry candy melted together into one giant new candy
nikki93- paris hiltons least favorite dog, still clean, just gets treats last
hernesoapa- like my sleep paralysis demon, with a hint of candy to lure kids with
kuishuhihi- octobussy
veeona- that one body spray from bath and body works they only release during the summer time
element- coffee and failed dreams
mallan- a car with its engine explodes
kuki- lady gagas unreleased perfume collab with ronald mcdonald
geke- vanilla with a hint of wet rodent
victoria- dark wood but also a hint of citrus
laura-lizan- a circus clown smoking a cigarette, but with a hint of ysl perfume
vendy- super clean, always fresh out the shower, hint of something sour. sour candy? grapes?
tinam- a wine cellar after its been abandoned
serenity227- sour coffee
velo- shego from kim possible, but her farts
amelia swan- high end shampoo with a hint of last nights party still on you
Dansemacabre- cats, cats and more cats. with a hint of candied apples
nadaabn- coffee and mania at 3am
metanoia- ketchup with a hint of cigarettes
bedtime bear- lady gaga after she discovered what a shower is
peachens- the most luxurious high end coffee, with a hint of floral notes
otacon- fear
cyborg- expired bread at a party
.kuningartar.- kack skellington after he discovered a shower
kimiraikkonen- a candle shop that only sells warm, wood and spiced scented candles
seriole- a sad grape squashed on a dance floor
lion king- a hot spring in the winter
katara3- a cat in heat
harrystyles1- not shampoo, thats for sure. good body lotion though
maja!!!!!!!!- dried blood and cat fur
velencia- coffee and no sleep
mazikeen- bleech with a hint of sour candy
siljen- a fresh chicken tender
spinelli- when walk into a high end sushi restaurant, thats the smell
xsara- coffee and old book pages
izadora- a lemon cupcake with a hint of p1ss
natani- like a rich persons vacation house on the beach. hint of booze
theaEmilie- a casino thats about to close down
berneice- a coffee scented candle
susupapana- a fresh pair of sneakers
uhrimetalli- an alcoholic mime after he gets off work
gardena- a 3 star hotel room after room service came thru
TheNormal- a car after you fill it with expensive gasoline
izo- a librarian who has secrets on the weekend
herbstwind- hot dog burp after eating currywurst
emrys- fresh baked blueberry pie with a scoop of ice cream
RedRose- candy being sold at an indie concert
birdo- white wine paired with a lemon pasta
papupata- one of those air freshener pods that smell like a spicy ocean
gabbriette- the tears of a small child, with a hint of cinnamon
derin- frogs breath
banananana- sand mixed with snow. salty and fresh
evenmoremorty- the darkest red wine i could imagine
feee-a warhead candy
jonzhu- like a magical little lake, outdoorsy but not fishy. fresh and floral
blackstar- a theatre kid after dress rehearsal. a lot of makeup powder
vacuum cleaner- a golden toilet freshly used
ilyada- a new gucci bag, fresh leather
avenya- red wine burps
ronsutin- sour pickles and candy breath
nutella- cherry limade la croix
_fraven- a brand new apple candle after its been lit for the first time
anna natalia- fresh sheets out of the dryer
whistledown- a bowl of rice
hillikide- a gas station smoking zone
be11a- pink wine
rebzzzz- a small child after school pictures
silvia- santas elf aftera night out. like peppermint and booze basically
kettutesti- moisturizing hair shampoo
megaburger- a casino that doesn't have booze
idamariaa- a random ally in a city thats behind an upscale department store
raenora- flowers and toads hint of mushrooms
zinska- insanely dehydrated, with a hint of brand new dance studio
kukakukakakukauak- just straight p1ss, hint of despair
enrika- cigarettes and wine
iituuww- cinnamon on the beach
qaz113- fresh baked cookies that sell for a high price
co0kies- animal fur and hot chocolate
shrek- sewers, swamp and good vibes
apollo- body odor, a dream and a hint of dry shampoo
harakaa- a habanero
mockingbirdie- water from the heavens, fresh and pure
julie20212- the back of a tour bus after its last stop on the road
rosey- a dior store after it turned away someone poor
petal- then get that poo off your head, poophead. anyways- sour candy with a hint of dookie
sylvanas- a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, and a kitchen after making breakfast
anni- a barista after her first shift
Forever- moss in the woods, fresh air and grass
wednesday- a hot topic employee after her last shift
danielle- what i think miley cyrus smelt like back in 2010. same vibe
amy97- wine stains on a fresh pair of linens
nino-devil- bath and body works spicy body spray with a hint of blood
munchi- a cookies and cream mochi ice cream ball
ilyke- a comicon bathroom, but after a cosplayer sprayed body spray in it
josefine- coffee split on the floor at a gas station
perle- a childs play room
dakotajohnson- a fresh pair of grippy socks
oui- a lemon cake after its been left out for too long
lindaoms- fear and licorice
emma- a victorias secret runway before a show, fresh and clean
lovely rain- a stale baguette
seelia- a department stores perfume section
klaara- a girl at her first coachella on day 3, with no shower
cl0ud- spiced wine during the holidays, next to the fireplace
mariex- professor plum from clue, hint of wine
wapperdeflap- my kitchen after i cook tacos
emulia- cotton candy covered in ants
solstice- crisp air. if you know you know
welcomebackyallllll- a very used pine candle, but someones favorite candle
lanadelslay- christina aguleras perfume, floral and smokey
nana48- strawberry ramune and a hint of spice
arina- a poptart fresh out the toaster
dantesinferno- a little metalic smell, like iron or blood
shclawina- cole slaw with extra mayo
calypso- wine and coffee, in the same cup
antonija leonor- high end mac n cheese, hint of something sweet
anto- perfume and sweat but in a good way
lketor_nyberg- like a new luxury car
eeva- a rich mom with 5 kids, who just finished picking up a pre cooked meal from the deli in NYC after her 12 hour shift
drama- like a fireplace, burning wood and hot chocolate
nuts- the backstage of a small dive bar
sophie- fish n chips with a side of vinegar, tartar sauce and fresh leather
chantelle- lemon cake and chanel perfume
kvae- a fresh can of soda, lime flavor with a hint of strawberry
featherlessgothgirl- a vampire lair and a hint of bubblegum
la.reina- that smell of coming home after a long night out. warm and a little chaotic
Camilla- an upscale department store in the UK, with a hint of chips
tsygore- hot topic body spray, hint of musk
lovisee- the smell of a singer before she gets on stage- hairspray, powdered makeup and a dream
kristineL- the jersey shore before jersey shore was filmed there
mangopiiras- fruity with a hint of spice and booze
kiimmie- fresh bread and clean sheets, very clean
selenite- a medieval carnival employee at the start of their shift
suklaa- nerds rope with a hint of grapes
harvinainen- the void, no smell, clean, but no smell at all
nama- twilight body spray, from bath and body works
bugs- marge simpson and boose
inges- coffee beans and caramel
cure- not p1ss, but a rockstar after she gets offstage at a pub. a little smokey
janka- an upscale hookah bar in a luxury resort
ripley- a teddy bear that just came out of the wash
peculiary- a barbie thats been thrown around by a toddler, but she keeps getting back up
ethel cain- dolly partons dressing room
kechiiiah- fizzy soda burps, but in a good way
flower queen- spicy honey
perfect- black coffee, side of toast
scorpijoe- like a dark forrest, wood notes with thick air
lennon- fresh picked berries and a bottle of wine
broodjekroket- chips and mayo but in the best way. its actually making me hungry
mina1674- red wine and a fresh vinyl record
mariamer- cigarettes and fizzy drink
alanna2- rodents and butter beer
manzikka666- overly sweet wine with a hint a fresh air
kristelgijs- a cabin in the woods, with animal heads on the wall
theraven- a hard rock casino pool, before the kids pee in it
prudence- a marshmallow with a hint of burning fire
nalle- shego from kim possible after she gets out the shower
sophiamarina- the ocean, very clean and fresh with a hint of fish
xylii- a very expensive bottle of red wine
itachi uchiha- an alcohol cabinet
sunny wave- freshbaked cherry pie with a scoop of ice cream
marjan- my kitchen after i bake
kultakala2- paris hilton after a spa day
soccer mommy- a cotton candy machine that exploded
chonk- cats and dogs, but with a hint of weed
engel- vanilla body lotion
deadlysofia- ice, very cold and fresh
stine- cruella deville, spicy with a hint of dead animal
nuus- chanel no. 5
elleHIP- movie theatre candy
mona lisa- YSL with a hint of cat hair
singularitee- cool mint with a hint of blueberry ramune
alice08- crisp air and a hint of rabbit droppings
sensei- swaaaaaamp and a hint of sewage and flowers
mooncake- a hot topic employee after walking into bath and body works on their break
nevada- cucumber soda, very subtle but its there
10Irkkulini10- a fresh basket of fries and chicken tendies, very slay
astaa- fresh leather
dinosaarie- fresh fries and side of ketchup, a hint of scary clown
mini-bubblegum body spray
Ro- dr pepper, 20 scents in one
elijah- dark wood, burning fireplace and a hint of dust
manlinn- Champaign with a hint of fruit
shwm- prune juice and booze
marier- a new pair of snow boots
flashback- ari by ariana grande
amy kate- booze mixed with fizzy drink and a good time
annina60- sweet wine, so sweet it doesnt even taste like wine
bellaemilia- smoke and rubbing alcohol

Im doing my best to catch up, you curious stinkers on page 14!
feel free to tag other models and say what you think they smell like while i catch up!

also, feel free to send me a greeting if you like your scent

Like the tears of an infant

Damn i misunderstood the assignment
now i am curious
DNA wrote:
Like the tears of an infant

Damn i misunderstood the assignment