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ABOUT Writing Circle
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Hi gals and other pals!

Since it is currently not possible to edit the club home page, I thought I could write a few words about the purpose of this club here.

I want to bring writers together. When I say writer, I do not refer to just published writers. For me, being a writer is being someone who loves writing and has that as their hobby.

My goal for this club is that it will be a safe space for writers to share their texts, thoughts, and all of that, to a community of like minded people.

My plan is that the club will be a forum for sharing text and get feedback on it, to be able to give feedback and read other members' texts, as well as discussing everything related to writing, like text editors for your computer, good books about writing, and everything else of that sort.

I do also feel like people who are writers often are quite like minded on a more existential level as well. Therefore, I would not exclude other topics. I hope that we can become a group of friends, and that we can support each other.

Looking forward to see you in the circle!

i would love this to get more active <3 i have some texts on my drafts that i'd love to share and get feedback on, and also read other's writings here