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My boss is ignoring me...
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Well, not really a boss. But leader of the hobby (vereniging?) I was part of.

So, I decided to switch locations as I just didn't like my old location anymore. So I moved to an another location. (All the clubs are one community, just different locations).
But, I still had some questions regarding some stuff what is part of the old location.
So, I asked him 3 times about it during the time. He ignored all messages. And then I asked my mom (who also volunteered a lot on this club) he also even ignores her??? The most kind and mannered person ever??

I mean, the stuff belongs to you, not me. But now I'm not even bothered to give it back anymore. I asked if I could keep renting it as my size is extremely difficult to find and my current location doesn't have my size.
So.. if he wants it really back, then ask me. I already offered it 4 times already. So I guess he isn't missing it at all.

Only bc I left you should act like a jerk or something? And I'm not the only one encountering this issue. Lot of others experienced the same.
Keep it. Fuck em. He can be an adult
Rach wrote:
Keep it. Fuck em. He can be an adult
Real, he is a big jerk. Also one of the reasons why I left. He is schijnheilig and achterbaks.
I agree, just keep it.
CARMUN wrote:
I agree, just keep it.
Feels like stealing, but I asked it 4 times nicely.