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Do you wear socks at home?
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Yes because we have tile flooring and my feet will freeze off (they already do with socks and warm fluffy slippers)
only fluffy socks
sometimes in winter or cool evenings (or when I feel like every crumb etc is sticking on my feet and it starts frustrating me)
Anna Natalie wrote:
only fluffy socks
yess always
yes cause i'm always cold
yes, fluffy soft fuzzy socks with animal faces on it
yes, i can't not wear socks
i dont like walking around bare foot
if i'm not wearing socks i'll be wearing slides
only if its cold, never regular socks tho
The only times I don't wear socks is when I'm sleeping or showering
double socks
no i like being barefoot lol
I almost always have socks on
Woolen socks, yes.