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Giving away my wardrobe
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Thank you for the tredes
V kind of you, wish u all the best!
diana wrote:
I'm quitting and want to give away everything except the items I'm currently wearing. I have around 6k items in my wardrobe, so hopefully everyone will find something they like <3

Send me trades and set the price as low as you want.
I have some things I need to get done IRL today, so might not accept all trades right away, but I will get through everything eventually
If I don't accept your trade, it's because I already gave it to someone else, or because I'm currently wearing one of the items.

Random bumpers get gifts, SGs, vip days, dias or gomoney until I run out

Edit: Going though trades now, and I've had to decline a lot bc 1 out of 3 items has been given to someone else already, so I recommend sending trades for 1 item at a time
Edit 2: Will go though the forum and give gifts++ after I've gotten the majority of the trades out of the way, I'm a bit overwhelmed with messages rn hahah
Edit 3: Going to bed and will continue tomorrow Have finally gotten most of the trades accepted/denied ^^
Edit 4: Have completed all the trades now i think (550 pages of trades), and will gift as many bumpers as possible
I'm sorry to see you leave...but you have some vipdays left which I can buy? ;)
is it possible for you to send out some trades, I'm not VIP
Thank you so much!!!
Thank you for gifts
Go to steal her lasts stufs