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ok know its not allowed,
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but i have to ask bc im a bit scared, i have like bumps in my head, two-three of the wich feels like a really hard zit kind of. One of them i had sice i was 18, so about 6 years ish. I just got a new one, and it increses in size. if i google it, google does it thing and shows me worst case scenarios right.. But i wanted to know if you think im overthinking it, or if i should see my doc? its just that i have had a lot of visits to the doc, bc of health anxiety issues but the bumps are seriously weird. so any of you have any experiences with it?
go see a doctor please it is impossible to say in here what they are
if it's something unusual and something that bothers you i think it would be better to get it properly checked out to get peace of mind
I don't think you are overthinking. Please go to see your doctor
Please get it checked out. I think even if we told you, that it's no big deal, would that stop your thoughts? There is nothing wrong with being worried, and there is nothing wrong with getting it checked. Better safe than sorry
Have it checked by a doc, especially since you say it got bigger. Better be safe than sorry with this!
maybe it's one of those things dr pimple popper always cuts open
Go to the doctor. Then you can check whether there is something that needs to be checked more closely or not. If the doctor says there is nothing dangerous, it will probably help to calm your anxiety as well
Aaaa, okay then ill call the doctors on monday :d <3 better to get it checked out than to worry about it, thank you all for replying
omg i think i have this? mine is like the colour of my skin but looks a bit like a mole? but it grew in size and its hard to tell if its still growing but I think it isn't.

anyway if it is the same thing, they are harmless and are just genetic. my mum and grandma have them too!
Go to the doctor, it might be nothing but it's worth checking out at least. If you say you've had one since 18, it's very likely it's just lumps of fat (harmless), but you should check them out anyway
honestly go get i checked out. or if you have a sjukvårdsupplysning (swedish) you should call them at least. or talk to a kry/online doctor
regarding your many doctor visits there is no shame in that, if you have excessive health anxiety and that gets registered over a period of time - there are treatments for hypochondria (not saying you are affected by it, just by your wording it sounded to me like you insinuated it)
Roxx wrote:
Have it checked by a doc, especially since you say it got bigger. Better be safe than sorry with this!
could you show us a pic? only if you're comfortable with that
allybelly wrote:
could you show us a pic? only if you're comfortable with that
i dont have one, but i got my bf to take a photo for me so i could see last weeks and it looks like my skincolor; just bumpy. Its a hard round shape, and this new one is actually a bit painful to touch" kind of like a swelling of my head formed into a small bump with a more white ish color at the top. The rest matches my skintone, but i have tried to like squeese and even use tweezers to see if its ingrown hairs but its not

i can see if i can get my bf to take another photo so i can upload it here, hes watching football rn so i dont want to bother him haha