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Truthing you
if i dont know you or have an opinion, ill skip you!<3

(sorry if im slow hahah)

-Taking a break-

Elowyn de Vries: I often see you, and i think you seem like a really nice person. And you always have a fire outfit! I really like your vibes, and im in love with your profile; its so pretty

Bella teddy: I have seen you, and you seem funny. I dont know that much about you, but i dont have anything bad to say; you seem nice!

Mila: Im not sure if i have seen you around, but your outfit is so pretty, and i feel like you are a very kind and warm person, even if i dont know that much about you!

sukka: i love the all blue outfit, and you seem kind; i also saw you like OW on your profile so thats a big in my book

Basically: I have seen you alot, i really like your vibe and youre extremly funny- its always nice to see you around in here. Your forum post always make me laugh, and i think we would vibe really good togheter

Sona: i dont think i have seen you before, im not sure but your look is very cute, and i have the feeling youre a very kind and warm person just based off your vibe. And i also think you totally would vibe with my friend, legenden; she is a total star wars fan like you

flibbertigibbet: i havent seen you, but i like your outfit!

Aerion: I really like your name, and damn your outfit is seriously so good. I would love for you to style me!

Xenius: I have seen you around a couple times, and i really like your outfit. You seem like you have a good vibe with you, and i think we'll be a good match friendwise

Lynthenia: i havent seen you, but your model is seriously so pretty!

GenZ: I have seen you a lot of times and i love your energy, you seem really cool; and youre always bringing up some witty/funny comment. I like seeing you around; like youre totally that popular girl in school i would be to shy to befriend, but really wanted to

-.- : I see you often in bingo; and I like your vibe, but honestly you sometimes intiminate me just bc of your username. But thats because of my feelings towards the "-.-" and not you as a person

yuck: i dont think i have seen you, but i love the colorful outfit youre wearing!

eutyale: i dont think i have seen you, but i really like the blue eyeliner/shadow going on in your look matched with the silks and white

Hemulium: Everytime i see your name i think of "hermulen" in moomin, and your outfit is pretty

Mary stuart: i havent seen you, but i think youre the queen of france and we are your subjects.

Pomie: your name seems very familiar, so i think i must have seen you before; i think i see you a lot in bingo? i went to your profile and omg im in love with your looks, and im having a really good time scrolling down; you seem very funny, i like your vibe and youre cool

Awe: I seen you around, and you seem very kind; i also love your christmas reindeer christmas outfit

Pistachios: i havent seen you, but your look is giving barbie and i really like it

Vague: I havent seen you around as much, but you seem nice

Serena26: i have seen you alot in forums, and i like your vibe and energy. I also often see you with really good outfits, and you give out a really "cool" energy

Natriumkarbonatti: i had a really hard time writing that name, but i havent really seen you a lot in here, but i love the full on nocturn outfit set- i feel like this is kind of your vibe irl too, but i could be wrong about that, you give out a mysterious energy to me, if that makes sense haha

Superache: i like your makeup and outfit, and your profile is so cozy and soothing, you also seem very kind and calm; i think we would vibe

fernweh: i see you al lot in bingo, and i like you. Your outfits are really pretty, and you seem very kind!

alomnia: aaaaaa im in love with your outfit too, you look like a fairy and im all here for it! from reading your profile you seem like a very intersting person, and we have a lot of the same interesst ( i really cant write that word omg). I really like your fairytale vibe

satouru: i like your makeup combo, and i got the feeling that we would vibe togheter based off your profile

kim dokja kinnie: i remember you wanting "every horn on gsm" it would be so cringe if i mistaken you for some other person, but i think that was you?? you seem mysterious

Lavvi: im in love with the all brown outfit, based of your profile i think you seem like a very cool person, im definitly looking forward to seeing more of you around, you seem very interesting!

Roselia: that * eye* really intiminates me, but ill look past it. And æææææ i see we both like stardew valley and overwatch! your profile also looks very cozy and you seem like a kind person

Lorakyne: i see you a lot in forums, and i love it. Youre really funny, and i am usually not writing in your forums bc i think im not funny enough to reply to you hahah, i really like seeing you around!

Scar!: you are funny but scary at the same time

Yuegui: im in love with your outfit, your profile and that you also play ow. You seem like a nice person, you give off that vibe

Athalie: i like your oufit, and i have the feeling youre a warm and kind person!

xmoonlightx: i think you are funny, and i like seeing you around

Annuntiate: wow your model is really pretty, and i like the model astethic and your profile; you seem nice!

Safitira: everytime i see you; you're absolutely slaying the outfit game. 10/10 always

Swan: I love birds, i love pigdeons i love swans, overall i love your profile and please let me adopt a pigdeon from you

pandachu: youre really nice and kind, and we have a lot of the same interesst! would love to talk more to you in here, love having you in my fl

oh do it pls!
you propably skip me.