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truthing ur ass
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Serena wrote:
im so bored

Why: seen u around, u seem cool? seen a lot of people loving u

Valeriee.: seen u around as well, but the memory is fate, sorry

Monocycle: dont know u

Signhild: dont know u

Angeliz: ure my baby, u know that

Karvaliha: dont know u

Solaria: seen u around but nothing comes to mind

Alter Ego: seen u around too, i think i think youre cool

Berneice: dont know u

You: seen u around a lot and youre friends with wildberry, must mean youre a hot one

Legenden: dont know u, but cool name

Corny: i like ur name and i think youre cool

Pomie: always so hot and ily

enjoy the mayo: dont know u but funky name lmfao (in a good way)

dunia: youre friends with a lot of my friends i think, and u seem like a sweet person

Scar!: seen u around, u seem fun, from what i remember

Snowfields: we been friends for a looong time pookie, love u ofc

minsquuu: seen u around, but memory isnt really memoring

Astrida: dont know u

jadamouay: JADDAAAA u bad bih, ive missed u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ninskubae: also seen u around, but not enough to have an opinion

squidsyd: u're cute bc u actually took my 100k for the incense seriously

GIGA CHAD: ur name is very much familiar, and ive def seen u around a lot, i dont really got an opinion on u tho, i got goldfish memory

yuck: seen ur name before, but i dont know u

Tarzan.: i like u

Elayni: dont know u

FUUF: dont know u

Jett: dont know u

snigel: i think ure cute, only good vibes

telepatia: u are hot af on gsm and irl and ily

Safitira: ilysm youre a star

Xenius: even tho ure mean sometimes i LOVE U sm dumb bih

liorra: ya alr know bih, one of my tightest g's

Soledad: looking hot on the frontpage and one of my dear friends, keep doing u

Debut: u didnt, but u seem cool and like someone id vibe with

Alys: u're an oldie but a GOLDIE my juli, yk i love u sm

AuroraV: u seem cute, only good vibes

casel: dont know u

Jinx: seen ur name around, but dont know u

Wonderstruck: seen ur name around a lot, but no memory

Lain: dont know u

Simasima: saw ur forum earlier but i dont remember what it was about lmaoo i just remember ur outfit

Mad Hatter: def seen u before, no memory tho.. like ur name tho, its cool

Emelylisa: youre an absolute cutie, glad to have u on my friend list ;*

Sparrow: dont know u

NoaOlivia: dont know u

Arimwe: dont know u

Tyskie: real bad BIHHH yk i love u, dont u dare call me simprena rn

qaz116: dont know u, but looking good in that anth hoodie

Tornerosa: dont know u

RaggieFO: dont know u

Rehab: a lovely person fr

GL1TCH: dont know u

Candy: dont rly know u, but cute name and the thing in ur bio fits the cute aesthetic perfectly

ahgase: seen ur name multiple times, not enough to have an opinion tho

Is that a good thing? Is my outfit noticeable in a good or bad way? HAHA
i was about to comment that we are friends but seems like i mixed you up with another serena XD whoops
Serena wrote:
sry to disappoint, never said i had good memory lmaooo
Simasima wrote:
Is that a good thing? Is my outfit noticeable in a good or bad way? HAHA
in a good way ofc!!!
Serena wrote:
in a good way ofc!!!
just read mine,, im blushing
awwwww simprena u da cutest !!!!!!!!!!!
Tyskie wrote:
awwwww simprena u da cutest !!!!!!!!!!!
haha lemme go edit it real quick
Simasima wrote:
Is that a good thing? Is my outfit noticeable in a good or bad way? HAHA
off topic, but I just have t osay that you look absolutely stunning