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Truthing you UwU
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Okay so its been aaaaaaaaaages since the last time I did a truthing forum and Im extremely bored atm, so I wanna give it a go again!!
If I havent seen u around, Ill prob skip u.. simply because writing ''havent seen u around'' is unnecessary and Im lazy
Im gonna be 100% honest

♥Sweet Cowline: You give off good vibes

♥pun: You seem like a fun ang genuine person

♥telepatia: ur an Icon. U always look GREAT and Im so jelaous fjkjksjfd style me (but im poor)

♥Vaakunakamu: Flags all around, I dont et it but u do u slay

♥Lamentar: U put me on ur naughty list Thats good I like it alot Ur a cool person 100% !

♥Paradigm: Ur fits r always super cute and I love the way u match colors !!

♥sona: I know ur a fellow Star Wars fan and I love u so much for that

♥Mephobia: Top 3 of the coolest outfits Ive seen today, u go u lil macaroni in a pot!

♥bella teddy: I love you ? Im a fan?

♥Tornerosa: My favorite person I love u to death and I cant wait to give u ur christmas present when we meet again heuhuheuheu

♥Giesje: Nice profile

♥Basically: Love u and ur whole vibe. Super cute person

♥Maissiturkki: I havent seen u but the croc is too cute so Im just gonna rate u a 10/10

♥beaute: Sweet person

♥.Camilla.: Im so glad we're friends! I love ur posts and ur vibe it yummy

♥Elowyn de Vries: AHAH SKIPPED U ON ACCIDENT! AA I love u and ur entire vibe! Ur such a cutie and ur like a fairytale

♥Xenius: Ur a chill and cute person. Whenever I see u I think of a friend I had back in school with almost the same name.. good memories c:

♥Mandau: I dont know u but u seem cool

♥tooru-senpai I like green. Hot

♥Liesz: Ive been wanting to tell u that I have HUGE mommymilker boobs. + u seem like a sweet person (:

♥Lavendel: Ur give off a very cute and wholesome vibe!!

♥bee: Ur cool and cute

♥Scar!: I love u !!! I love having u as my friend!! Ur so caring and kind

♥Shadow: From what Ive seen u seem like a very helpful person! With a charming personality :)))

♥Frida: aaahh Ur outfits makes me drool! Slay sleigh all the way

♥:annikki: a sweetheart!! good vibes

♥pjusk: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want u to be my friend, I love u lol

♥Undecim: I dont know u but u seem like a very cool and chill person from what Ive seen

♥Alter Ego: Love u so much! Such a supportive and kindhearted person Love our convos and I feel safe with u ahaha

♥Air: AA Everyone in the Focus Group is such an inspiration to me! Ur very cool and u seem like a sweet person!

♥TheSiren: I dont think we've talked, but I see u alot and ur a cool gyal

♥Kleptomaniac Cookie.: Ive stolen some cups from different bars.. I like u and ur name ur cooool.

♥-.-: I dont think we've talked, but I love u and ur whole vibe is chefs kiss! U also seem super helpful and caring!!

♥Tyskie: We have so many common friends ahah and from what Ive heard/seen ur a kind, funny and loyal person

♥ninskubae: SLAY I LOVE UR OUTFIITTTTTTT AAA and ur vibe :)

♥senasensi: I love playing dress up with u !! ur so cute

♥Cyanidepeach: u give cool girl vibes

♥itsElena: Gilbert??!?!?!?!?? jkkjkkk i love ur fits!! cute

♥the penguin: I love penguins

♥Angeliz: loooove u sm! Sweet, caring and such a wholesome person in general!

♥Shaanzinnig: hi baby I Love playing dress up and bingo and whatever the fck with u !! Ur a lovely lil girl hihih

♥NoaOlivia: AWESOME MUSIC TASTE!!!!! Ur such a cool person!!

♥RubyMai: ahh I just aaaaaaa Im so in love with u Even tho we rarely talk, ur such a comfort person for me here on gsm hehe I think u were one of my first real friends aswell.. and idk.. ur just like a warm hug

♥Alioth: Ur cooool! I see u all the time and ur so nice and sweet!

♥squidsyd: A great mod! Its easy to see that u care for us all and that u put ur heart into ur work!

♥cosmickitty: Girl u know I love u!! Ur one of the sweetest people on gsm for sure! Caring, helpful, funny and trustworthy

♥Frigg Forrest: Such a fun and sweet person! Looove the fit omg

♥Euryale: I dont know u but ur fit is sooooooo cute

♥The Black Swag: I love my BingoBuddies! Love seing u around heuehueuh

♥snigel: ur a QT

♥Why: I love u, ur just a vibe. A very good vibe

♥Debut: Ur designs r actually flawless tf?? U seem pretty chill and cool

♥hennu: U give the ''safe friend'' vibe

♥Peasley: I honestly love seeing u around! Ur energy is just very comforting for some reason? ahaahsddsfsdf idk

♥GIGA CHAD: U r ur name

♥Snowfields: Probably my fave mod??? Ur a cutie

♥Clear your heart.: I love u so much girl Ur caring, helpful, kind, sweet and faaabulous!

♥Corny: I fcking love ur makeup jesus christ help me ur model is so pretty!! U seem like alot of fun hihi Corn

♥issadumdum: ravegirl fit on POINT

♥Pomie: Ur a cutie!!! love seeing u around

♥Monocycle: I dont know u, but u look so gooood!

♥snitcherry: stylish and funny

♥Emelylisa: I love me a norwegian queen dressed as a freaking superstar
the crocodile truly is the best side of me ngl, he's just a lil guy!