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Face Reveal!
casandria wrote:
you're v pretty urself
Pretty *-*
hiitslaura wrote:
hiii <3

above: you are both so pretty
hi wtf ur so pretty omg
The post that was quoted has been deleted.
Wow *-* Jealous of your hair too
The post that was quoted has been deleted.
CARMUN wrote:
Ohhh! Dark red really suits you! You’re pretty!
terminalrealness wrote:
okay sorry but you are actually stunning
thank you so much
Ur all so pretty!
You are all so cute *-*
Ekaemma wrote:
Oooo I say do it!! And then also maybe ask them which products would make your curls look better? I have very dry hair so I asked and got told I need a moisturising shampoo and balsam for the hair to look healthier and then I’ll use some hairmask to define my curls
!! i really should

but im saving money rn
wow u guys
So many beautiful people here <333
alpakagirl wrote:
So many beautiful people here <333
Including you!!!
Pet reveal lmao
Ohikulkija wrote:
Ooooh gives me Harry Potter vibes! Cool
this is like 8 months ago