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Dress up game
Okay are u readyyyy
Ariebelle wrote:
Okay are u readyyyy
I'm ready
L.a-u.r-a10 wrote:
I haven't done it in more than 6 months so we are basically equal
fair enough i also don't have this many clothes but i hope with creativity it works
Firts round
Theme: gosupermom
Time: 13.22
Ariebelle wrote:
Okay are u readyyyy
Cleaning my kids' mess and bringing a healthy snack... also yes, that is a diary on my hand and I will read it
working from home mama, trying to also entertain her toddler
Busy Mum never has the time to drink a coffee in peace at home
stay at home mom that is playing gsm on the laptop rather than cleaning the house
i am a gosupercatmom staying at home playing gsm and cuddle my cats all day
Mommy has the diaper bag, the food, the sensible clothes to get through the day. She even remembered the birthday balloon!
L.a-u.r-a10 wrote:
working from home mama, trying to also entertain her toddler
Ahahah, this is so creative!
Didn't have time to look super put together bc had to help kids get ready. Heading to the office, but it's Christmas day at the kids' school, and volunteered to bake and partake as a photographer! Also takes out the trash on her way out of the house, and carries all the kids' bags and stuff
mom is busy
everyone's look is so cute
Annastiina wrote:
mom is busy
omg where did you get that washing mashine?? it's so cute!
Next round
Theme: be a fantasy animal
Time: 13.34
I love everyone's looks. Just so unfair that all moms are sooo busy