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I wish for a smoothie blender
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I hope to focus more on myself next year.
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honestly what I wanna ''change'' next year is work out more and deffffinitely focus more on my hobbies with the free time I get. even if I have to force myself lmao
msg wrote:
i really want some hammershøi christmas plates, lmao yes im that old

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I don’t know what that is but I want one too!!

I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. Especially since my dad had as serious health condition this year. So to be able to celebrate our favourite holiday together is a blessing that I will never take for granted again

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I want money for these really expensive concert tickets including sound check beforehnad
All I want for Christmas is my for my sister and her family to come home

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And for Christmas I'm wishing for these two Christmas deer decorations that are so ugly, and therefor I must own them!!
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i want metal chopsticks! because im tired of my wooden one since they're not dishmachine washable lmao.. i also wished for a new blanket since mine is like 20 years old?? lmao time for an upgrade
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For christmas, i would really like some new running shoes!
I wished for an video editing software
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I want to give money to charity, probably Unicef.
For myself hmm, maybe I´ll wish for some home decor pieces and maybe some cosmetics. Not quite sure yet
i want skis

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I just want to be happy again and world peace
What I want for christmas is something I wished for for 2 years now. I know I won't be getting it for christmas. But the appointment is made, 2024 is going to be our year. Hopefully we can have and hold a little baby of ours at christmas 2024
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i want money for christmas hehe
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And I hope I get the Valentino Born in Roma perfume this christmas
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My main wishes for christmas was books, but my gf made me a book-calendar so I don't have to wish for more!

One of my new years resolutions is to focus on studying, as I am going to be writing my bachelor this spring!
My New Year's revolution will be that I will finally get my degree next year, with an 8 on my thesis! Also, I want to finish writing my novel and maybe get published next year as well
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I need a New raincoat
Adorn wrote:


That's right! I'm gifting one lucky person the Premium Advent Calendar!

- Must not own the calendar already.

2 entries per person.
One by sending me ONE SG.
One by sharing with me what you want for Christmas this year. If you don't want anything, tell me what your New Year's resolution(s) is/are. If you do not celebrate Christmas nor New Years, please compliment the person above you.

Good luck!
DEADLINE: 12/15/2023 AT 18:00


I did not anticipate this many participants so please be patient with me when I add to the list. CTRL + F to find your name!
my new years resolution is to take care of my health, ive had some pretty bad reality checks this year that showed me that my body is not immortal...sometimes we forgett in the stress of our busy lives, so i wanna be more mindfull and take care of my body and mind