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Honestly all I want for christmas this year is to feel the christmas magic I miss being a child, but I hope that there will be snow and the same traditions so I can feel a bit of that christmas magic I felt when I was a kid
sent <3

i'd like a salt grinder
my new years resolution is to finish my thesis and to practice my cooking skills

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I want a pyjama and slippers for christmas this year. It bring me back to when I was a kid, when our parents would give us a very cute new pyjamas that we wanted to wear right away Of course we got other gifts as well, but this is just a core memory were we were all proudly wearing our christmas themed pyjamas
sent one for christmas i dont want anything fancy, i'll be happy just seeing my family and spending time with them since i havent seen them since july
(And of course I have send the SG as well)
I don't have any sgs left but I'll send it tomorrow

My new years resolution is to take school more seriously, and work harder for my grades.
Sent you a sg <3
Aand I wish for christmas new headphones and good christmas food

For Christmas I would loooove my bf to propose, but I don't think this year hahaha
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I just want to eat Christmas foods
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This christmas I hope to get some new equipments for my kitchen! New pans etc as the ones I have are starting to get really old :)
For Christmas, i would like a travel mug for coffee/tea.
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I sent an sg

I really want world peace! I think we all do
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I wish for good health and happiness for my loved ones and myself.
If I have to mention something materialistic, my biggest wish this year is some skincare from Ole Henriksen.
i want cacao+cardamom tea and a yoga block
send SG!
i really want a bunch of yarn so i can crochet blankets for people!
My new years resolution is to not expect too much from myself, but take it one at a time. Any progress is some progress and needs recognition.
I am in!

For christmas i want my appartment ready. In nov 7th i got my keys and there is much to be done to it.
Sent SG!

I want for christmas a tattoo giftcard :)
this christmas i want books i think, or a few things i need for my new apartment, like a rug, or a shelf

i bwt also sent a sg