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Sick murdertrain
this proves mayor was an angel
Peregrine wrote:
if the host has money lmao
Zesoi you have to be my sugar mommy
Thank you for hosting Lea & Zesoi

Had a blast
Radon wrote:
Zesoi you have to be my sugar mommy
i have 149 gm rn ahhahaha but 73 diamonds
thank u loves for hosting and making the mt epic
I had so much fun! Thank you guys! GG
Zesoi wrote:
thank you for making the game possible
Thank you for taking over
Lea 1008 wrote:
Thank you for taking over
Zesoi wrote:
Ohh that sounds amazing :D But take care if you are sick and still want to train!!
my goal is be able to deathlift 100kg before xmas. today I hit 95kg milestone. that goal seem to be closer than I thought :o

and I'll! this isn't that bad and doctor assured to me that it's safe to exercise I can't just swim cos it hurts my ears rn and make them irritated.

oh and I also have an appointment to psychiatric nurse tomorrow. I think I have adhd/add so I'm ready to get tested for that. it can also be 3rd cycle of depression, you never know.