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truthing you
but only until I get tired of this, so yeah comment hihi - I am tired of this now

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Kleptomaniac Cookie - i love u to death and u got me into thg simulators u are the reason for my obsession!! Also whenever i see your user name i think of the sims 4 kleptomaniac trait idk why
Emelylisa - i see u all the time bc we have a lot of mutual friends, i think u are really funny and ur outfits always eat
Alioth - i dont think ive seen u before but that iroh pic made me laugh lmaooo also cute outfit
Bunny - i want to steal your username so bad, give it to me NOW
Aeneid - words can not express how much i miss u when u were staff, you were one i trusted with BIPOC and marginalized group issues and it was crushing to see u go bc to me you were someone safe. I hope ur happier now without the stress of everything tho, but do know i miss you and hope you are doing well.
Debut- we have a few mutual friends and i see u on fmb a lot, also in thg simulators, ur funny af im always laughing whenever i see ur comments
Evoli- u single handedly gave me half my wishlist that time we were trading for like 3 days straight, ur a real one for that
Frida- outfits always eat, ur the one who convinced me to get my nips pierced but i still havent gone to do it yet bc im a chicken sdngajksgh, also i just really like your vibe idk how to explain it
pistachios - i havent seen u before but ur username is one of my favorite snacks kinda wanna eat u
Natriumkarbonaatti - i beg of u, tell me what ur username means
Sybel - i wanna say ive seen u before i just dont remember where?? I love ur user tho
scar! - i see u in forums a lot, i think u are cool idk what to say but yes
aches- u are my darling girl, my twin, my soulmate, the light of my life, i could keep going but i have to give everyone else a turn but god i love u sm i thank god everyday u dm’d me about cosmo bc now look where we are im crying im ur biggest fan
ShrimpInTheSea- omfg ik ive seen u, i think its in bingos?? Ur name is very memorable
Lauryn Hill - truly i think you are a fashion icon likeee i am always loving ur looks
Safitira - i see u all the time in thg, i think ur funny and a good person to be around, i wish u would stop killing me tho!!
Elowyn de Vries - we have plenty of mutual friends I THINK bc atp i just know ive seen u so many times on my fmb it feels like ur already on my friend list if that makes sense, also outfit is eating and i think u are cool
squidsyd- hello my fellow american, when u sent me a fq i swear i heard firework and an eagle screeching. Also i love u and im glad we became friends hihi
Karlotte- i dont think ive seen u before but ur name reminds me of charlotte from h2O, also i think ur outfit is cute

SPECIAL TRUTH FOR STRAYED: i wish u were online more often but i get it if ur busy or need a break but omfg ive had the biggest crush on u forever and we’re finally friends just for u to be offline im crying real tears!!! But fr i love u i think ur an amazing person and u deserve the world

Harvey - fashion icon, i see you all the time and think u are cool also your profile made me laugh
Xhilia - i dont remember if ive seen u before, but your outfit is cute, and congrats on being a nursing student
Ariebelle - im still mad at ur bf for rating my fit a 1 like wth but its okay i wont take it out on u bc clearly u have better taste!!!
Xenius - you are another one who i see on my fmb all the time it feels like ur on my friendlist lmao, i think your very funny and your style is immaculate also a cool person to be around in general
positivt - we have a few mutual friends i believe, i think you seem very kind and your outfits are always very cute
Perre - ive seen u a few times in the forums, i dont know how to explain it but ur model just reminds me of sunshine?? Like very beautiful and warm
chereb - aches brought us together and now u are one of my cherished friends and i love u, im so glad u could style that scarf bc i sure as hell couldnt also i really need to open my snaps SORRY
Lannister - i think ive seen u once or twice, im assuming ur name is from GOT??
mileycyrusfanforever- iconic username wow
Aestas - i havent seen u before but i wish i had sheeeesh ur model is hot
Euryale - you seem familiar but i cant place what from
Alter Ego - i see u ALLL the time. Forums, fmb, thg, u are everywhere i am saying this in a good way btw i think ur funny af
Flack - i do not think i have seen u before im so sorry
Lamentar- ive seen u a few times in forums and i think ur model is very cute to look at, the look is eye candy to me
Alinka - u are currently bidding on my scarf and i wish u all the luck with that also cute fit and username
Tangled - to me u are truly a disney princess im glad we became friends also ur RUTHLESS in thg but i love it
Bellatastic- ive not seen u before but wth ur look looks so cozy cute
Ellaumbrella - i cant recall if ive seen u before but when i read ur user the umbrella soung by rihanna played in my head
Legenden- i dont think ive seen u before or maybe i have i cant remember but u seem familiar, however ur model is so hot i think im getting a crush
Alegria - ik ive seen u but for some reason dont remember what from but anyway i love ur outfit hihi

page 3
S3ll3ri - i dont think ive seen u before but ur slaying that holo look
Illu - ur another one i kNOW i have seen but cant remember where wth i think its from a thg tho
Angeliz - MY BABY the other half of the trio, thanking god every day i commented in the crush forum and u quoted me wtf i could not imagine gsm without u now i love u sm my compassionate healer, the glue!! sobbing real tears writing this with all the love in my heart for u i cant wait to see what happens next in our love rebellion fanfic
The Grinch - i love the fit with ur username it actually made me giggle ur gonna be a star this christmas season
spaceunicorn. - ur name reminds me of the galaxy era on tumblr and your outfit looks like something i’d wear irl its so good
Journey - idk if ive seen u before but u won the username lottery fr
Beauty. - our love story will be written in the history books of gsm, i am glad we have found each other bc i LOVE u and adore u and wanna kiss u!!! Seriously tho im sososo happy we are friends now and i cant wait to rizz u up everyday on the fmb or thg hihihi
Paradigm- dont think ive seen u but ur outfit WOWOWOW its very cute im kinda jealous
Esiie - i do not think ive seen u before but yes i like ur john cena themed profile it is VERY much good
pee smell - you are such a positive person with great ideas and i think you’ve grown to be quite a good person with an amazing kindness about you on here, really i mean it! i like you
MeNoS - i think ive seen u once or twice but u are EATING the pink fit its eye candy to me fr
Tyskie: …………….i knew u would appear here. Despite ur ruthless attempts to kill me in thg and the bullying of my user i think ur NICE AND KIND when u WANT TO BE!! And ur funny af even when ur bullying me pls tyskie forgive my pass transgressions in thg im a new woman ive changed
Tornerosa - hii i feel like ive seen u a few times but dont remember where anyways u have such a warm vibe about you?? Idk how to explain it but u seem kind
telepatia - miss marte i am in love with u i swear, u always come through for me when i need help honestly ur the realest. You're also one of the most beautiful people ive ever seen?? Like wtf every time u face reveal i am on the FLOOR bc ur so hot. Ur such a good friend to me and i appreciate u sm and love u forever
Nilsu- i think im crushing on ur model fr als very cute profile
Inej - fellow thg enjoyer, we were once in the hot district together but sadly died. I think ur funny hot nice cool ALL OF IT!
Kegle - i see u quite a lot i think you seem very cool and just have a nice vibe about you

page 4
Svend-Allan - ig this is my time to admit ive had a crush on u also ur model looks so hot wtf on my knees rn
Basically - omg ur look is soooo cute!!! Ive seen u a lot and i love ur username, i think we have a few mutual friends too i see u on fmb sometimes
Leonie - dont ask my why but ur user looks like a name you would give to a mermaid, u would be a star in the h2O show to me
offmalibu- u have iconic vibes about you, i see u in forums a lot mainly here in EE, something about u just screams “im a star”
RubyMai - i see u on my fmb bc of lav all the time she really loves u which means by default i love u too bc i love her so we all love each other, anyways i think ur funny as hell btw!
Richard - another fashion icon i mean honestly ur ALWAYS eating with ur fits id pay to have u style me one day
Corny - another one i see on my fmb all the time so its like we are friends even tho we arent, youre also in thg a lot too so i see u quite often and truthfully ive always kinda crushed on u
Why - iconic user name, see u all the time, ur model’s look is also iconic atp too
Kim - i havent interacted with you much but from what i know you seem really nice and u also have cute outfits too
cherrycunt - u added me bc u add hot people and bc of that u are so real and hot too
xTomxBillxKaulitz - i see u all the time and u have some really good takes and u seem to be a good person
Yuegui- i see u but mainly in BST lmaoooo i love your outfits btw theyre so cute
Silverseed - first happy birthday, second u give me bubbly happy vibes maybe thats just ur model but thats how it feels when i look at it
CaroS - i dont think ive seen u before omg sorry
Sofiasjbk - very cute look, i also cant remember where ive seen u before
Lovebug - omggg i wish we could steal usernames bc i would steal yours sorry, also crushing on ur model rn the look is so hot
Kodaline - u were recently my district partner and vowed to protect me for aches so by default i love u with my whole heart u are so nice wth and funny as hell too!
no face - I saw ur post so I squeezed u in here hiii, you seem very nice and ur name reminds me of spirted away which I assume is where it came from also cute fits!

hihihihi do me!
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