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do u wear a helmet when u bike
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No im dutch
i don’t bike
i don't bike tbh
yes, I once fainted on my bike and the helmet saved me from serious injuries
no,, i don't bike
im guessing ur the same people who dont wear a belt in the bus
Yess? Only is gsm atm
Haha.... no...

tho my bike's tire just EXPLODED so im not even biking!!!! sich
yes but it been a long time since i biked tho... i rollerblade more and there i def where a helmet
no but i should, i just need to buy one
featherstone wrote:
No im dutch
No, but I would in different countries where there aren't bike lanes literally everywhere
she does

Basically wrote:
Yess? Only is gsm atm
HAHAHHA NOT THE BIKE TOO u rlly did the full fit