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is it time to say goodbye
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i never wore em really..... i was always embarrassed by them
error wrote:
I’ll wear crop tops w high waisted bottoms forever I cant tame my inner millennial
babycocopups wrote:
Yes but clearly sl*t era is associated with it for a reason otherwise that term would have never been used and now I'm wondering if people in their minds think of her as a sl*t just for wearing a crop top..
No, they don't. I mean, I at least have never thought that of other people wearing crop tops. It's more so that I used to be very shy and insecure, and refused to wear shorter shirts, so now when I wear crop tops they give me the feeling of the gained confidence and I feel hot wearing them, but I don't associate that feeling with others wearing them at all. It's a personal symbolic thing, that's only relevant to me. Crop tops are really common, to the point at sometimes you can't find anything else in the store. They're just trendy, that's all. I just happen to have strictly personal significance in my clothing choices.