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gifting bf
what are yall giving to your bfs for christmas

i have no clue what to gift
boxers and a new perfume, very unique gifts
Snooping for ideas
we're doing advent calendars to each other with smaller gifts
My bf loves cooking so I got him a fancy Japanese cooking knife
Some of the new roleplay books/games DND
And ugly christmas boxers
a band badge and plektrums to one of them and to the other im giving him a incense holder
my self... first i need to find one... or two
A book that he wants! And also maybe boring, but a potato peeler and a can opener, because the ones he has suck and he keeps hurting himself on them
miata wrote:
we're doing advent calendars to each other with smaller gifts
that's cute
i'm planning on making a calendar for him too but it's only chocolate so i don't feel like it's enough
im making him a calendar
i think you mean best friend because i dont have a boyfriend so not at the moment maybe next year haha
im pretty sure he'll want new french coat. he loves them. guess hm acually he has them rn? XD or maybe cool shoes? we didn't talked bout it yet, cuz we ask what we want 1st begore buying gifts ^^
Dunno yet. Probably mtg cards.
Neither of us celebrate Christmas but his birthday was on the 11th and I'm visiting next month. I got him an electric razor