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Thinking about doing lipfiller
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I have been thinking about this for a long time. Maybe it will be my christmas gift to myself
But iam scared of needles o.O

Anyone in here that have had it? And are you happy with your results?
ZDilaraK wrote:
But i am scared tho haha xD

It is not that i need to have A LOT put in, just a little more shape
i've been thinking about it too, i've never had any work, filler or botox done, so im scared i might have been influenced

but, i think most places has a numbing cream that helps with the pain of the needle pokes! and also i've heard that it's smart to take a little at a time
pro tip: think about lip lift as well, it's more invasive and expensive but it's permanent and doesn't create potential duck lips fillers scare me a bit, they never really dissolve