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current on repeat-song?
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zombie - haval, yasin
Will you still love me tomorrow / head over feet from glee
One of your girls by troye sivan
or Maneater by Daryl Hall & John Oates
natasha bedingfield - these words
Vertigo by Griff
If I stare at the clock long enough, will I have the time to tell you everything? - dandelion hands
take me back to eden by sleep token
Can't catch me now - Olivia Rodrigo
This one
grow up by paramore & ime huiluu (cover) by robin
drinking by bôa
the whole norrhem/sielunvihollinen split
i love it so much
This one:

Negai yo Hibike by Malleus, Idia and Azul
banners - start a riot

i have listened to that like 10 times today
Prawn wrote:
Married with Children by Oasis
That's such a good song
pehmoaino - valssi
she's electric - oasis
Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives
The post that was quoted has been deleted.
u and me both buddy

they did not need to go that hard but they did
rocking around the christmas tree