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What are your education?
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Karvaliha wrote:
I currently work in the electronics field lmao

graphic design jobs are not easy to find unless you want to do video editing. I don't care about video editing and at the moment I live in a place where there is no opportunity to work in advertising agencies, etc.
But I'm always looking for jobs in advertising agencies or companies that illustrate books, etc.
I'm practicing tattooing at the moment, so it could become my profession
ahh i am so concerned about job opportunities, thats why i am thinking purchasing management. not as fun tho but lots of jobs and international

love the tattooing aspect, would def let you pratice on me
GhostAngel wrote:
omg i love that, do you feel like the degree actually helps you to do the job??? cuz id love to do something in the social work field one day but i also kind of have a feeling that while the education is required, im not sure if its actually necessary?
Oh um i guess the master degree is not really necessary. :'D In Germany, a Bachelor's degree qualifies you as a social pedagogue and you can ultimately work in all fields of social work. I just wanted to keep more options open with the Master's degree. For example, it is possible to teach in vocational schools for educators. Or for further training such as child and youth psychotherapists. But I just think it's cool to build up more in-depth knowledge. :)
Weeknd wrote:
i dropped out of my third year of high school (medical secretary) because i got cancer LMAO so i haven't even finished high school

but now i'm an intern as a programmer and i'm taking a game design course from the university of stockholm and on my free time i'm taking a computer science introduction course from harvard

and i wanna go to college to study programming when i'm ready but idk when that will be
you are the coolest, much respect
i hope the best for you
i used to study film at university :’)
studying media/visual design!! graphic design, photography, audiovisual (movies, videos, tv etc), animation etc as well as communications hehe
Lespoir wrote:
I already have an academic bachelor degree in clinical psychology and I’m combining a master degree in clinical psychology and a master in sexology atm :)
aahh amazing love sexology, my best friend is doing this as well. i considered psycology myself but you must study a looot then?
Mays wrote:
doing this in english so I won't get a TO hahah

in Denmark I study communications as a bachelors degree, but here in holland I do a specialization in brand design. Im moving back to Denmark this February where I have an internship
oh forgot about the rules<3
so interesting tho what are you planing to do with the education? and where do you have internship
Studying Insurance & Finance and working in transfer pricing
Green biotechnology a bachelor.

But maybe I want to do my masters in plant breeding or plant sciences :P (but still don't know if I want that bc i am very old)
I'm studying a master's in Human Geography
cherrycut wrote:
Good morning sweet people
I am wondering what you guys are studying on the daily as I am very much in doubt on what to chose myself

I am thinking that i will be studying design technology with visual communication design or purchasing management as specialzation.

Tell me about your education
I study to be a fashion assistant
cherrycut wrote:
oh forgot about the rules<3
so interesting tho what are you planing to do with the education? and where do you have internship
im not fully sure yet..... Im doing min internship in a creative agency<3
So long as you live in a country with affordable/free education I wouldn't stress too much about your first choice.

I started off with three years of psychology straight out of high school, then did half a year of acting school, half a year of choreography, took a break for a while and now I'm in my last year of a publishing course. I don't wanna jinx it but it looks like I'll actually finish this one
studying to become a truck driver, specializing in heavy combination vehicles
Now I have only been in high school but applying to vetmed

Working in a store rn to get money
euphoria wrote:
I study to be a fashion assistant
cooool what do you do as a fashion assitant
cherrycut wrote:
cooool what do you do as a fashion assitant
I can do almost anything with clothes. Last year I have worked in 2clothing stores, 2 web sites
I have a Bachelor in Economics & Business Administration and soon I'm starting a Master in International Business and Marketing
I have a bachelor in electrical engineering and now I'm doing a master in sustainable energy