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[Halloween] Looktober Competition
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here's my entry

Finnaallyy! would be soo happy if someone looked at it! this was so fun, but I used so many hours on this today haha
hello! heres mine

Phew, took me forever, but heres my submission!

this is my entry
How do i fit 13 outfits on one page?.....
Snegl wrote:
How do i fit 13 outfits on one page?.....
For the magazine? You can spread it out over the pages
Here's my entry
is that the White Queen's (Alice in Wonderland live action) dress or am I imagining things
Here is my magazine:
my entry
Whenever I edit a magazine page and save, it doesn't save all my work, just parts of it? And sometimes I can't save a page at all, I'm massively confused
buy and enjoy (or cry or do whatever you want but pls buy it)
Here is my entry
My entry:

this took me 3 days, pls check it

My entry
This was honestly super fun