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To my dear goSupermodels.
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Time manipulation - freeze, slow, rewind and fast forward time as I please
die and be born again
Right at this moment i would want teleportation for sure.
Mind reading, or shapeshifting
teleportation without a doubt
Doctor X wrote:
Thank you for the warm welcome. I have been very busy in my lab and thought you all had forgotten about me. I certainly have not forgotten about you guys since last time.

I have one question for you. If you were to have a special SuperPower, what would that be? Mine would be to brew the perfect potion.
I would like to be able to transport where ever i want
omg babe welcome back
Teleport or talking to the dead
flying and maybe strength
Though one, maybe able to teleport and bring someone with me if I wanted to with all bags and everything no need to fly or drive
teleportation because i'm lazy
making period pain go away
brew the perfect love potion for u to fall in love with me
Some kind of elemental control, i want to move my hands like a Winx Club fairy and do MAGIC with water and fire aaaah
mine would be to teleport so i could always be by your side when you need assistance

Mind reading