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Delete the model
well its very much giving katniss everdeen so id change the hair to dark haha
hair to a darker one
the bag
Love the fit,

But I do have to say the hearts
Oooh this is difficult, maybe the bag/pearls
honestly its perfect as is

but i guess the outfit would work without the rings
the shoes
I would delete the cap
the bag
Nothing, it's fine.
i love your outfit, if i had to remobe one its either going to be the sax or the nutcracker
love the pig but the red doesn't match
the hat even though i see the vision
the glitters

i think the outfit is so good it speaks for itself
The feet/shoes idk what they are but those
The white dust
Maybe the makeup?
idk i just don't like the fit at all ):
maybe a different shoe color?
Aaaa this is perfect, butt maybe the shoes (?) I don't know
Nothing, it's slayy