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A greeting from goMila
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reuben wrote:
its a lot I can fill u in on everything as soon as I find my phone lmao
I was literally away from gSm for 30 hours or so and now I am lost
Skylair wrote:
I was literally away from gSm for 30 hours or so and now I am lost
I watched the whole thing escalate for once
These things that keeps happening cuz poor management feels like a sick twisted game
#SuegSm, we foreshadowed it
Sorry but I’m not even surprised, Emilia doesn’t deserve this at ALL
that is just sick
im sorry WHAT
I was playing WC for few hours and now there is world war 3 us vs staff like it never ended
decided not to pay her??
i am so sorry to hear how mila is being treated - it's gSm's actions that have stopped the community from spending money, NOT her!
yo wtf
What the actual fuck

It's the management's fault that they are losing money
Sorry, WHAT???

Emilia I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Thank you for all you did. I hope you get a new job where people appreciate they work you do. While gsm used to be my safe space, and I by no means wish to see it gone, this behaviour is awful, and I hope you consider taking legal action.
positivt wrote:
the problem is that management wont talk to her.
just like with lonely, they didnt answer in time, didnt answer the questions or provide information. contact with rikke has been 0

edit: check her link in profile
Luckily Lonely came to announce that everything is fine few days ago
Damselette wrote:
Luckily Lonely came to announce that everything is fine few days ago
yes for HER, not gomila

you dont know how she solved this
she could've gotten a bunch of money for shutting up, who the heck knows?

Im happy as long as Lonely is happy, but if they paid her off to be quiet the management should be ashamed

edit: also, b4 that post lonely made, she said that they let slip some stuff they shouldn't have. Also, Lonely had some legal representation. Gomila doesnt have any
Momzilla wrote:
They have blocked Emilia's access to goSupermodel because they believe she is responsible for any financial losses by speaking up about being unlawfully terminated. They have decided not to pay her for her resignation period. She is being threatened due to being "disloyal" despite never breaching her confidentiality and never stating anything untrue. She has also not encouraged the users to stop spending money on this website.

Emilia says she hopes you are all OK as she knows this is your safe space and she sincerely hope this is the end to the whole situation.

I will forward all comments to Emilia.

This message is posted with Emilia's approval.
These people are clowns fr