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This club is inspired by Girl Geek Dinners who were created by Sarah Lamb in 2005, in London. She created this community because she was tired of being the only woman at businessmeetings, and wanted to find likeminded girls. Almost 20 years later, Girl Geek Dinners is found all over the world, to name a few: UK, Norway, France, Italy, USA, New Zealand...


Our goal with this club, is to create something similar. Girls supporting girls (and men), to find likeminded people, to feel included and maybe learn something new/teach others what you know? Simply put - grow as a designer/programmer and a human-being.


This club will have it's own magazine - who will be published once a month. In this magazine you might learn new things, be updated on what happens in the tech-world and be introduced to this club.


Interested? Feel free to apply for membership. It doesn't matter if you have lots or feel you lack experience. Everyone is welcome to apply!