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Just trying to spread some love ʕ⁠っ⁠•⁠ᴥ⁠•⁠ʔ⁠っ♡ / Lamentar ❤️ / Lorakyne ❣️

10. September 2023 12:42


8. September 2023 10:09

In the pixel gardens of GoSuper land,
There thrives a bee named Sona, and
With sense of style and a soul so free,
She buzzes through the fashion tree

In this virtual land where fashion thrives,
Sona the bee, her style provides
From head to toe, she's dressed to surprise,
A fashion icon whos catching eyes

Her model, gosh Im crushing,
With outfits so hot they make me blushin
Sona is bout more than style and shopping
She brings the joy and is never flopping

To the hive of gsm, she adds her charm,
A buzzing sensation, causing no-one harm
Sona, the bee, on this virtual scene,
smiling and thriving, you make us feel seen

I appreciate this model bee,
In GoSuper garden, wild and free
Your style and kindness says fuck the stream
Sona, the star of our digital dream


18. August 2023 12:32


Lokahh (and a little website)

13. August 2023 10:48

Lamentar, you're the sweetest and ily

11. July 2023 21:41

Sweet compliments I want to remember:

Look like a bubbly person and your look is so joyful - Loja

your whole fit is to die for omg cutest face!!! black and yellow never looked half as good - kevvy

Your outfit sparked so much joy for me when I saw it haha. I wanted to do it justice - Frowog

AH I AM SCREAMING how CUTE IS YOUR OUTFIT never undress please - patagonia

hey i just have to say i love you for spamming on lorakynes fmb post, you come off so caring and compassionate it is really admirable!!! <33 the world needs more kind ppl like you

the cutest bee on gsm

You’re the cutes fr, I love talking to you cus I feel like u have so many nice values as a human

"Hey you come off so caring and compassionate it is really admirable!!! <33 the world needs more kind ppl like you"

"I don't even know you, but people like you are seriously so precious."

"if a bee and sunflower could be the same soul that would be you"

"youre like this happy little bee buzzin around sprakling some sweetness everywhere.
injecting us wirh your sweetness as if were flowers"

"Youre such a genuine, beautiful and kind soul "

Sona: well there we have sona!!! no lets be honest sona, i could a whole forumpost about only you. still cant believe thar i met such a wonderfull soul via gsm and meet irl!!! you so positive and always be there for the ones in need. You deserve so much sona, you dont even know. I hope that everybody sees you and your worth. Please stay the lovely, sweet and caring sona who you are!!!! You feel like a big sis that will always be there!!!