28. March 2023 11:05

gotest you probably should take since it's about your very own future!


inform me when you've done and I'll take yours <33

20. March 2023 15:47

get to know me better

- born in 2000
- january capricorn baby (aries moon, virgo rising)
- infp-t personality
- oldest sibling and have only brothers
- lived in six different cities, moved seven times in total. always saying I come from nowhere because I don't have any strong emotional ties to the places I've lived :(
- in a relationship (lived with my partner since 2019)
- studying languages and cultures at university, and as an elective, I study communication, political research and social sciences
- hoping to get an exchange study in South Korea or Japan next year with my partner
- working in a restaurant: customer service slash ✨kitchen fairy✨
- speaking well four languages (finnish, english, russian and swedish), also can understand something here and there spoken in norwegian, korean, estonian and german. I've completed two chinese courses at uni but only thing I remember now is how to ask "are you a teacher?" and answer "no, I'm a student" lol..
- suffered from several mental health problems for almost ten years *sigh*

- gym
- hiking
- singing
- winter swimming
- video games (ps3/ps5 and nintendo ds): all mario related games, hogwarts legacy, fortnite *hiding behind my hands*, lost in random, spyro (dawn of the dragon)
- travelling, so far I've been to sweden, norway, estonia, denmark, russia, austria, france, italy and latvia

enjoy watching
- game of thrones
- about all series and movies based on any european monarchies (have seen the white queen, the white princess, the spanish princess, victoria, elisabeth - the golden age, the king, mary queen of scots, the other boleyn girl, a royal night out, the empress, sisi, the last czars, the reign, the virgin queen, marie antoinette)
- bridgerton
- downton abbey
- the office us
- the queen's gambit
- random finnish comedy series like "kimmo", "modernit miehet", "siskonpeti", "aikuiset" , etc.
- korean dramas

music taste
- I have a history of being a huge kpop fangirl between 2012-2019 but now my taste is more varied even though for example bts is still one of my faves
- lately I've been listening mostly käärijä, sueco, harry styles, käärijä, erika vikman, kikka, käärijä, aleksanteri hakaniemi, miley cyrus, kino, pinsku, käärijä, ibe and käärijä (seen käärijä three times)
- the song named hittiputki hits every time! so, if I'm sad, don't say anything just play hittiputki okay?
- mostly going with the flow, depends on the mood what I listen to

random likes
- ART!! Almost all my energy comes from creativity. I am fascinated by the idea of how even small things in the environment affect how a person senses and experiences it. I truly love art in all its forms<33
- obsession with certain historical eras
- house plants, especially calatheas, they have so much personality lol
- would love to have a sphynx and/or cornish rex cat(s)
- cooking extra af meals just for fun
- tattoos (already have few of them but want to get more)
- coffeine ... "nocco" is my elixir of life
- memes (the one I added here descripes me so well.. always want to be so original cause being basic b is boring xd)
- finnish karelian pies with egg butter are my weakness
- I am motivated by people who dare to realize their dreams and move forward in life<33
- when walking in nature, I love to hear the babbling of streams - it's so refreshing!
- white tulips are the prettiest ;-;
- Every now and then running and crawling in the bushes around my city wearing my stupid dirty uni-overalls..

random dislikes
- baking, since I'm so bad with concentrating on the recipes
- sauna.. don't get me wrong, I like being in warm but I'm about to pass out everytime sitting there more than five mins... maybe I'm just weak lol
- snakes!!! I can't even look at a photo of them cause I'm so terrified
- neighbors that don't greet me back when passing by them in our hallway
- people that drive too close to me on purpose.. my blood boils when others behave badly in traffic AND BOMBAstic side eye for the men making jokes about women driving a car (including my dad...)
- two-faced people.. negative people in general
- reading fictional books

18. March 2023 22:48

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