Rori's corner
14. February 2023 14:15
Rori's corner Q&A

Hello my lovelies, 


Happy Valentine's!!!  


Thank you so much for all the love and fun questions on my last newspost. I got many nice ones and I will do my best to answer all of them. I got many questions regarding the development and features, if you follow the development newspost and updates some of those questions have been answered to or will be answered to once there is more info. 


So let's start: 


1. What's the most fun about your job?

This is an easy one. EVERYTHING!! I just love it and it doesn't feel like a job for me at all. I think I have become one with my job.  I love coming up with new items, setting up shop updates, dressing up mannequins, writing posts, sharing my inspiration with you, working with my amazing colleagues... It is just endless fun and I am totally addicted to it. 

2.  If you were a regular model, what would your favourite thing to do be?

Dressing up and collecting special items. That is my favorite thing to do IRL as well and I was obsessed with clothes and dressing up ever since I was a child. I remember when I was 4 years old, one day I told my mum that I didn't want her to dress me up anymore since I didn't like the way she was doing it and that I will dress myself up from then on.  I am very grateful to my mum for allowing me to express my creativity through clothing.


3. Who designed all the perk items (like snake queen for example)? 

All the inspiration for new perks items was done by me, the goSupermodel graphic illustrator drew them. But when it comes to the Snake Queen outfit, that one is inspired by my IRL Halloween outfit that my husband designed and made for me, so it is super special to me and I even won the first prize at the Halloween costume competition wearing it. 


4. What's the thing that you are looking forward the most as a possible future update on gSm?

I think that it will be fun to have all the games back and working with JDs.


5. What's your favourite item here? What is your fav collection?

This is a tough one since all the items are like my children.  I love them and it is so hard to choose, there are so many that when I get to see them again now I am getting goosebumps. 


6. What's your favourite thing to do with your colleagues?

I love coming up with new ideas for goSupermodel together, planning surprises and making our users happy.  


7. How did you guys get the idea to bring gSm back and how did it develop? 

There is a goSupermodel magazine that has the background story and there you can read all about it. 


8. When did you start working at gSm?

I started working at gSm in 2010. 


9. Is there a specific reason why you never change your models outfit?

Yes, it is my signature look and it is easier for other models to recognize me. 


10. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am not a person that likes to make big plans for far away in the future. I like to be spontaneous and see where life takes me. My life has taken completely different path then I thought it would while I was younger and still at the University and that taught me to just trust that it all works out. I just want to be happy, do job that I love and that fulfills me, bring joy to people that I love, like my family, friends, coworkers, you, be a good human and just generally stay grateful for every new experience. 


11. What do you do to relax after a long work day?

It depends on the season. If it is summer go out for a walk or go for a nice outdoor outing with my husband or friends. If it is winter watch a good TV show, go to the movies and get regular popcorns (I am addicted to popcorns, they are my favorite snack). I also like swimming and running and it really relaxes me. 


12. Your favorite color?

This as well depends on the season. In summer it is pink, in winter it is black.


13. If you could only go on one more vacation in your life, where would you go and why?

This is a tough one, since I have many places that I would love to visit again, but one place that I often go back is Hawaii, I love sunshine, relaxed island life, swimming, nature and generally that island happiness. 


14. Who is your fave feature on Hot Ones?

There were many that I was so impressed by, but the one that I was the most impressed by lately was David Blaine. It was just mind-blowing how he did it. After watching him on Hot Ones I had to go and see his show in Vegas when I was there last time, a month ago. For those of you who are not familiar with the YouTube show Hot Ones, I wrote a bit about it in my newspost last week. It is a show where celebrities are being interviewed while eating very spicy wings.


15. How much of a Disney fan are you, what theme parks have you been, which one was the best? 

Aw I love this question. I am the biggest Disney fan every since I was a child.  I visited Disney parks in Paris, Tokyo, Orlando and California. And I make sure that I go at least 1-2 times per year. Orlando one is definitely the best because it is the biggest one and there are so many different parks, after that I would say Disney Sea in Tokyo. I love collecting Disney ears and have so many different ones and part of my wardrobe is dedicated to Disney merch and Disney outfits. 


16. Have you changed your personal style since back in the days?

Yes and No. I do wear more black and I am more into darker looks and I bleached my hair to be ash blonde, but also I still wear tulle skirts, cute outfits, hats, so it is a mix. 


17. What was your path into your current career?

I feel like I was getting ready for this career path ever since I was 4 years old and started putting my outfits together. This is my dream job and everything just fell into place. I started as an assistant and worked my way up. 


18. What's your morning routine like? What's your skincare routine?

I always start my day with checking up on what I missed out on while I was sleeping since I don't live in European time zone, so I make sure to follow up on anything that happened at work in the meantime. Also during the week days my sleeping hours are unusual, I go to bed quite late or quite early depending on how one looks at it.  When it comes to my skin, I always make sure to take off makeup before going to bed and I do facials once per month. In the meantime I am using certain gels, serums and creams and try to stay on top of it since with the season change and traveling sometimes it can be tricky.


19. Favourite clothing brands?

It depends on the type of item. When it comes to my shoes and bags, I do like to invest in the high-end pieces that will last for a very long time and be a statement piece. When it comes to clothing, it depends on what catches my attention. I am also a big fan of many small, emerging fashion brands that are making a name for themselves mainly via Instagram so it is always nice to discover some new cool ones. 

20. What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

I was fortuante to have received many good ones from my mum growing up but some that I live by are definitely staying true to myself and being able to distinguish what is an absolute necessity and what would be nice to do since sometimes it is easy to mix those ones and start obsessing over things that turned out not to be crucial after all.


Thank you for all the fun questions. Hope this helps getting to know me a bit better. I definitely had fun replying to them.