Update from Doctor X
24. October 2023 10:00
Update from Doctor X:
Greetings, unsuspecting participants in my grand experiment,
It seems that the vampires are still slumbering in their coffins, giving the witches an early edge with the current score of 3 - 1. It is, shall we say, an interesting development… but fear not, the testing has only just begun. We still have a week of competitions left, and I can't help but wonder if the vampires are simply letting the witches have their moment in the moonlight. After all, we know that vampires are known for their timeless patience and cunning ways.
The experiment, like all my scientific pursuits, is a complex and noteworthy endeavour. Being a part of it is a privilege, and I anticipate that both teams will delve into their dark side and prove they are not creatures of the night, but masters of the darkness. After all, the path to victory is treacherous and in the end, only one team will rise to seize the final prize. 
Dr. X

From the Focus Group:
Whew! Doctor X's message may have sent chills down our spines, but we’re here with some happy news. So far, we've already encountered some exciting challenges in the form of monstrous doodles, dress-ups, and thorough testing
of your Halloween wisdom with thrilling trivia. But hold onto your broomsticks and fangs, for there are even more enchanting contests on the horizon:

TUESDAY, 24/10
Jigsaw Puzzle
First to quote
Please check out the forum [here] to see information about the competition schedule and sign-ups. We encourage everyone to join in, especially since
the club leaders have been flaunting some impressive outfits lately. Keep in mind, the winning team won’t just secure the antidote but also an extra treat!
PS: All competitions will be posted in the Halloween Event section. 

Don’t have a team yet? Take the goTest from Dr. X here. It will instantly
assign you a team and place you into the corresponding club. And don't worry
if you’re late to the game, we want everyone to feel included so you'll still receive all the gifts given out when you join! You can read more information
here or simply by clicking on the scoreboard on the front page.