gSm magazine out now!
24. January 2023 16:00
gSm team magazine

Hello new and original goSupermodel users 

We, The gSm Team, know that some of you have been asking questions about "Why is gSm back?", "Why now?", "What will happen to gSm in the future?" and so we have put together a magazine to answer some of your questions. 

What's in magazines from gSm team? 
In this first issue of the gSm magazine, you can read about the return of goSupermodel incl. the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and meet The gSm Team.
Stay tuned, as in future magazines from the gSm team, we plan to write about:
  • New features
  • Questions we get asked a lot - and answers from the team 
  • Future plans for gSm
  • Other...


We'd love to hear what you would like us to include in future issues of gSm magazines.

The goSupermodel Team

 Rori, goKat, SWM, Ailurah, Manuscript, goMila, Camzilla & Rokke