Rori's corner
24. January 2023 20:45
Rori's corner

Hi my lovelies, 


I had so much fun last Tuesday chatting with you in the forum that I got an idea to make this a regular Tuesday thing.  It is just so lovely to get to know you better and have a space where we can keep in touch. That is why from now on there will be Rori's corner every Tuesday with a new topic. It can be anything from fashion, beauty tips, movies, tv shows, hobbies, DIYs, sports, cuisine.  I want us to have a way to cover all the fun and goSupermodel relevant topics. You can also leave suggestions in the forum which topics you would like me to cover in the upcoming weeks. 


This week I decided to share my packing tips.  I just got back from a trip and I thought it would be fun to do my packing must dos and also hear from you what you are most focused on when packing and what you can't travel without. 


My travel must do’s: 

  • Always bring your headphones, I prefer the noise cancelling ones when flying
  • Always stuff your shoes and bags with socks in order to avoid them breaking and losing shape
  • If you have bulky items like tulle dresses use the compression bag
  • Roll your clothes to prevent wrinkles 
  • Always protect the very delicate items 
  • If packing a hat make sure you put some clothes inside to preserve its shape, or just wear it
  • If the things get wrinkled use the hairdryer from the hotel bathroom to get rid of the wrinkles 
  • Always pack the most important things in the carry-on when flying 
  • Always have a set with spare toothbrush and toilettres so you don't need to worry about that
  • Make a list with the essentials in your phone so you can quickly check it 
  • Check the voltage if traveling abroad
  • Always bring additional jersey or jacket if flying the planes tend to get cold
  • Check the weather and the vibe of the place you are traveling to so it is easier to pack
  • Always pack a light hat or a t-shirt that you can use to put on top of your face when putting on clothes after doing your makeup so you don't get makeup markeup all over the clothes


Here are some things I swear by when getting ready for a trip no matter how long or short it is going to be. Please share in the forum what are your must dos when you are getting ready for a trip in the forum. Please also share what you would like me to cover next week. 


Have an amazing Tuesday.