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Will they ever apologize?
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"Apology" gocode would made me gag
Nautilus Pompilius wrote:

i've missed so much in the last 2 days
i was here and don't even know what happened. everything is so vague that i guess only the ppl that know what really is going on have some clarity in this matter
Never. But let's hope us going on a money spending strike will fix that
i dont think they will. sometimes i think it was better to keep gSm just as a memory
Fiore wrote:
it was a joke
I would honestly wish for individual apologies from the people who insulted users. Not just a generic one
Can someone tell me what happened i am so confused ab whats going on
Even if they did, how would we know they are actually gonna change their behavior? How should I feel save and trust those who aren't following the rules themselves and just straight up badmouthing about other users?
chossu wrote:
Can someone tell me what happened i am so confused ab whats going on
We can’t, it’s against the rules apparently since those who try get their forums deleted
If there's any professionalism left they will make a statement that hopefully not only comes with an apology but also with an explanation on how they'll address this.
An apology without action isn't going to help.
kimberlyybella wrote:
ofcourse they wont. they hope it cools down after a few days and everyone will be spending their money again
nah they will keep locking and gaslighting cause it's just "speculation" eventhough we saw it
Diored wrote:
i know it's a joke but can we not use that word