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alt truthing u
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iloveyou is not a mean girl!!!
AH not louise so rude like that
Corny wrote:
iloveyou is not a mean girl!!!
wdym she's the meanest girl around
mila99 wrote:
if i don’t know you i’ll skip

Ainoxxx - meh
xenius - you’re nice
elowyn de vries - one of my fav people on here, style icon
svend-allan - usually a style icon but this fit is whack, don’t really have an opinion on you
alinka- cute fit that’s it
lokahh - style icon
yuegui - you seem off
no face - absolutely love you
telepatia - haven’t seen much about u
iloveyou - idk if you give mean girls vibes or if you’re nice
corny - you’re in my crush list
pomie - i like u
Kodaline - you’re amazing
angeliz - super sweet person
koschka - you’re on my crush list
lamentar - bit annoying
issey miyake - you’re a gem
the black swan- you’re cool
-.- - absolutely adore
pjusk - queen
tyskie - hated you at first, changed my mind tho
robert pattinson - troy bolton wannabe
amiable - boring
frida - absolutely love your looks everytime i see you
safitira - thought u were a ***, love you now
louise58 - unoriginal and you def think you are part of the „cool kids“ on here
canela - you seem nice
Alter ego - i like u
browse - absolutely amazing pls stay the way u are
snu - boring
janka - you’re okay
cosmickitty - one of my fav ppl on here, you still have a personality
alpakagirl - probably the sweetest person on here, absolutely love you, everyone needs someone like u
victoria. - thank you so much for slaying each shop update
.Camilla. - unsympathetic, i feel like you’d make fun of me